Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 13, 2011

To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

I must confess to you that i have an addiction.  Actually two addictions.  One to food.. which i have under control these days.. though i deal with it one day at a time.  My second addiction is to facebook.  And i cannot believe i'm addicted to what, really, is just a website.  I didn't have a cellphone until about two years ago.  Now i have a Droid that i refer to as my 'precious'.  If you've seen the Lord of the Rings movies, you'll know what it means.  :D  That object has ludicrously become like my right arm.  I check my e-mails.  I make unnecessary calls that i obviously lived without making pre-cell.  But the thing i do most on that thing is..  check FACEBOOK!  Sigh.  How on earth did it come to this?  I also have a laptop i log on to every day.  I check facebook on that, and make posts from it too.  I read lots of interesting, useful articles there, but mainly, i check FACEBOOK!  I gotta do something about that, man.  I really do.  It's just that it's so much fun to be in touch with so many people.  People that i haven't seen in many years.  Now i get to know what they're doing 'all the time'.  What they do on weekends.  What they eat for dinner.  Pictures of their children.  Grandchildren.  Pets.  Trips.  Facebook is FUN!  But the same things that make it fun also make it kinda creepy.  Do i really 'need' to post pictures of where i'm eating lunch?  Or what i'm eating where i'm eating lunch?  I mean, even if my reuben looks super yummy and IS super yummy.. do i NEED to post a picture?  No.  But often, i find myself doing just that.  Geez!  And i look at my friends' pictures and think, ooooo!  That looks delicious.  Wish i had one of those!  Yep.  Like i said.  I have a food addiction.  (I'm certainly not blaming facebook for it, by the way.)  :)  I've tried to take breaks from fb.. Hah!  Short for facebook.  You knew that, right?  LOL!  And there's that abbreviation thing again.  I've become too lazy to spell out actual words.  Takes too much time.  Yep.  That sounds idiotic because it is.  But when i've taken these (brief) facebook breaks, i've ended up going back on before i planned.  I've found something i just have to post.  Yeesh!  And i may find these things fascinating, but others probably think meh.. i'll ignore.. or hide that!  I find myself jealous of people who've never 'joined' fb in the first place.  But, i find, now that i'm on, i really don't want to give it up.  Completely.  I have, however; decided to cut back.  A lot.  It's amazing what i get done when i give myself more time away from that world.  And according to an article that i read just today in the New York Times, more people are making the decision not to join at all.  Oh my gosh!!  Not join facebook!??  The idea.  I want to share that article with you.  You might find it interesting.  :)  Should i post it on fb?  Just kidding.  And actually according to this article.. fb is going to be rolling out some kind of 'public option' soon.  Sounds a little like health insurance, doesn't it?  The way health insurance should be, in my opinion.  This new thing might be just the nudge i need to get me to take an extended technology break.  Sounds a little stalkerish to me.. this public idea.  So here's the piece from the NYT if you're interested...


Will leave you with that question, alas.  To facebook or not to facebook?  I think, myself, that i can find a way to live peacefully with it.  To not be such good 'friends' with it.  Bahahahahahah!  Get it?  Facebook friends?  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  Will log off my laptop for this Tuesday, the Thirteenth of December, Two Thousand Eleven.  M... for Much Less Facebook Goin' On!  See ya.  Just not on fb as much.

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