Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 11, 2011

Serendipity or Something More? :)

I've been torn lately.  In a good way.  Have many questions and thoughts about chance and its role in my life versus the existence of a guiding spirit.  Dare i say it?  God?  Maybe it's because of the season that i've been thinking about my life.  How it's been.  Wonderful.  It's a wonderful life.  Like the title of that film i love so much.  I've been lucky.  Should i say fate has been good to me?  Serendipity?  More than just plain luck?  Well, i'll come right out and say it.  I believe in my heart it's more than luck.  The world isn't random.  There's a plan.  I don't think i came to that conclusion today.  It happened over the course of time.  Although there's one recent.. (today).. incident that sealed the deal.  :D  It's going to seem small to you.  Insignificant.  Minor.  Like.. is this chick crazy or what?!  I'll spell it out later in this post.  There are 'so' many things that have happened over the 48 years of my life that couldn't POSSIBLY be random.  There's no way.  I've faith that these things aren't chance.  I'm lousy at math.. statistics.. logic. And this is a powerful feeling.

I met the man i have loved for 20 years 20 years ago.  We were set up on a 'random' blind date by mutual friends.  I was perfectly content as a single woman.  Tired of my friends' determination to find me a man.  Won't go into detail about the ludicrous dates i went on because my friends thought each new man was perfect for me.  At least half these matches were made because i and the man in question were both single.  Zero in common.  Anyway, looking back on things, i started working where i worked then in '90.  Sat in one cubicle for a year, then was moved to another next to my friend Sue, who lived next door to S.  Sue said.. i know someone who would be perfect for you!  Eye roll.  No really, she said.  What were the chances that i would be sitting next to the woman who lived next door to a man i believe now was made for me?  Talk about being in the right place at the right time, and S being in the right place at the right time.  And the timing  right at the right time.  And yeah.  You can lecture me on the statistics if you want.  But i think our meeting was planned.  By someone who knows much more about the world than we do.  And i could list countless times when 'fate' intervened in my life and in the lives of my family members and friends.  And yes.  I've made certain choices that have ended well.  Some not so well.  I don't believe all the things that have happened are chance.  I have faith.  A feeling that they're not.  How do i put this feeling into words?  There's some power pulling strings somewhere.  Not sure what it is.  But it's there.  I know it.  I can't call myself an atheist anymore.  Have always had a kind of spiritual side.  Is the correct word agnostic?  Don't know.  Anyway.. there it is.

And the small thing that happened just this afternoon was like the final tiny missing piece of a puzzle.  I found it!  And animal lover that i am.. that final piece came in the form of.. animals.  :D  That must've been planned too.  I had my heart set on going to lunch at a certain restaurant i love.  Well, we arrived at the front door of this eatery only to find that it was closed for a private holiday party.  So things weren't going to go as i planned.  We had to go somewhere else?!  The very idea!  We ended up at a cool little place around the block.. where we had a delicious meal, and an even more delicious dessert!  A peppermint whoopie pie.  LOL  They don't have whoopie pies at the the place i was just dying to go.  Aha!  But that's not it.  A cool thing.  But not IT.  I had to use the restroom.  On the way, i saw this beautiful photography exhibit.  Pictures of... goats.  I adore goats with my whole heart.  And, i could purchase one of these photographs with the proceeds going to the 'Silver Creek Animal Sanctuary'.. where they provide a lifetime place for abused or neglected goats, llamas and sheep. Happy sigh.  So, of course, D purchased one of those photos as an early Christmas gift for me.  And i've made arrangements to volunteer there starting in February!  So you see.. a small thing.  Likely minuscule to most.  But not to me.  And if we'd had lunch where I with a capital I'd wanted.. i never would have seen this exhibit or known about such a great place!  And this is a small thing, but it was like being bonked over my head with a hammer.  And furthermore, this is my blog, and i'll make it about small things if i want.  So there!  While i'm here, i'd like to post a link to this wonderful place i found in my travels today.  I hope you take a moment to check it out.  It might make you smile and wonder a little!


I sincerely hope you enjoyed that.  I know i love that site, and i can't wait to see the sanctuary 'in person' and actually work there!  Well, time for more football, i guess.  I'm content and feel the day was productive though all we did was have lunch and do a little antiquing.  So, i guess productive in a relaxing, happy way.
Bye for now, this Sunday the Eleventh of December, Two Thousand Eleven.  Today it's G.. for Good in the World.. and N for Not Random after all!  As well as Goodnight...

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  1. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. We might not always know the reason, but sometimes it's not for us to know. I have always been spiritual, myself. Wasn't sure if there was a God, but knew there was something higher. That was as far as it went. Never was a church goer, so never had any formal religious training, but always believed in "something". At this point in my life, I now have faith in God. Can't explain why, lets just say that I've seen too many things happen to myself and people around me to have them explained away as mere coincidence. In fact, I could probably write a book lol. Congratulations, Mary, on your new "discovery"!


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