Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 8, 2011

Dear Santa.. :)

Dear Santa Claus.  Jolly, wonderful gift giver in red!  I love you, you know.  Your joyful, generous heart and spirit.  This is a relatively short list.  And it includes just two things for myself that i may mention at the very end.  I understand that deep down you are a good being, and will do your best to make my wishes come true.  I've tried to be a good girl this year.  I have, and i think you know that.  :)  So.. here goes.  And i'll try my hardest to make this brief.  But well.. i have a tendency to run on sometimes.  See.  I'm doing it already...

Anyway.  First on my list.  And this is super, fantastically important.  Seriously.  I would like for every father and mother out there who needs a job to have one.  As soon as you can possibly finagle it.  So very important for all the children out there.  Times are hard.  For so many.  I don't know if you see that up there in the frozen North Pole, but it's true.  There are many people demonstrating in the streets of our cities down here.  There has been so much loss.  And there are so many willing to work hard to support their families if only they can find something.  Yep.  Unrealistic.  I know.  But you are Santa after all.  Truly, though, i think there are many kids around who would forgo the toys and pretty things if only their parents could find jobs!

And peace in the Mideast.  That will be a difficult one.  That's for sure.  There has been strife over there since well before Jesus, the reason for this gift giving holiday, was born.  Or, maybe if you can't grant that wish.. maybe you could somehow convince those who have a say to get on it.  Stop being so self absorbed and self interested and work HARDER at finding a solution so that those who live in that part of the world can co-exist 'better'.  Because that would improve so many things in the world.  If we can manage some kind of peace there we can do it anywhere.  Right?!

Just two more big things.. then i'll get on to the small ones.  There are MANY items on my list, but i don't want to go on forever.  And forever is just how long it might take to ask for all of it.  Those two things are..  lower gas prices, and a library card for everyone who doesn't have one.  Lower gas prices would enable so many families to have the money to buy other things they need to have.  Like food and warm clothing to get them through the winter months.  Gas prices are through the roof in many (or most) places.  Not sure if you're aware of that since you drive a reindeer powered sleigh and all, but that's the truth.  And it's all well and good to say we need to cut back on oil and gasoline consumption.  That's true too.  But, realistically, the majority of us get around in gasoline powered vehicles.  And many families need the cars to get around to the jobs that they're lucky enough to have in these hard times!  And on to the library cards.  Soooooo important for children and adults, i think.  Especially the ones who don't have the money to purchase books or own a 'fancy' kindle or iPad.  I take those e-readers for granted.  (Does that make me an ungrateful girl?)  But reading is important.  For everyone.  It's just like the old, kind of corny saying goes.  (Corny, but true.)  That books can take one anywhere.  Much to be learned from the written word, the artwork and illustrations in books.

So there are two things left on my list.  The first is that i would love for you, Santa, to help me get over my fear of flying.  Just when i think i've conquered it.. it bites me in my backside.  There are many places in the world i'd like to visit, but more importantly.. (and this comes first,) my family lives many miles away from me on the east coast!  I visit every so often when i work up the courage to get on a plane, but i'd visit them much more often if i was more willing to fly all those hours!  Perhaps when you're making your rounds on Christmas Eve, you could let me tag along in your sleigh for awhile.  That would help me get over my fear of flying!  I'm sure of it.  And there's quite a bit less of me than there was at this time last year.  So i would fit into the back of your sleigh better with all those presents!  So... what do you think?!  Will you consider it?  :D  Pretty please with sugarplums on it?

And last.. but not least really.. though this is specifically for me.  That would be the gift of brevity, because God and you, (i'm pretty sure,) know i could use it.  Really, i could.  Also sure that you could edit this letter and remove half of it.  And i was a journalism major.. so at one time.. i knew how to be brief!  That ability seems to have flown out the window.  No fear of flying, i guess!:  Eh?

So that's it.  I tried not to ask for too many things, though i did ask for A LOT!  And i'm sure you're aware of this fact too.  I'm not eight.. i'm 48!  Too old to write a letter to Santa.  This letter is written to the giving spirit that lives in most people.  And, hey, it's my blog and i'll ask if i want to.  And so i hope you, and anyone else out there who reads this.. takes it in the spirit in which it was meant.  It comes from my (most of the time) loving, compassionate, and quite-idealistic-for-my-age heart.

So Santa, that's all for now.. this Thursday the Eighth of December, Two Thousand Eleven... M.. for Mr. St. Nicholas Claus..  (Not) Make Believe Truly Generous Soul...

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