Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 20, 2011

Homes and Love Forever!

My afternoon was made when i found out that a blind hound mix, who'd been at the Oregon Humane Society for five (long) months, had finally found a loving home!  Dallas went home with a nice older man who already has another special needs dog in his home!  :)  The dogs were able to meet and become acquainted before Dallas was happily adopted.  Yay for humans!!  As i state in my introduction, i love to find the joy in everyday life, and i certainly found some today.  The news makes this pre-Christmas week extra special.  I also love animals of every species with my whole heart and soul.  Their well-being is important to me.  Too often, the stories i hear are bad and profoundly sad.  I have to change the channel on the television every time i hear or see the advertisement from the ASPCA.  I can't stand to see those sad faces looking longingly into the camera!  But today there is a beautiful, loving doggie-boy who has found his equally lucky, loving human.  Every day, on my facebbok page, i post a picture and article about a shelter pet who is looking for a home.  I posted Dallas on my page a few times, and thought to myself; if S and i didn't have four cats here, we would bring Dallas home and love him forever.  This sounds odd to you, i know, but i will sleep better tonight.  I will have a little more joy in my heart, and i will say a little prayer of thanks to the Universe for finding sweet Dallas a home!

There are so many pets waiting in shelters everywhere for loving homes.  I'm sure you know this.  If i ever become super wealthy, i'll open a home for unwanted, neglected animals.. dogs.. cats.. rabbits.. goats, etc.  Make sure that they never feel hungry or scared or lonely again.  If i ever win the lottery; that's where the money will go.  I swear it.

So i'll take this opportunity, (because it's my blog, and i can if i want to..)  :D to post a pet from the Oregon Humane Society.  So you can see one awesome animal who is searching for his/her own loving match!  Just look into those eyes and fall in love.. if not with this pet.. with a wonderful shelter animal near you who could give you a lifetime of unconditional love!


So there you go!  Isn't she awesome?!  Gotta go.  That's all for this Tuesday the Twentieth of December, Two Thousand Eleven.. Y this time for YAY DALLAS!

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