Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 12, 2011

Awesome and Fascinating Archaeology!

Just a (relatively) brief post today.  I hope.  :)  One of my favorite things in the Universe to be is an 'armchair archaeologist'.  If there is such a thing, i am one.  I adore TV shows about anthropology and archaeology on the History Channel, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel.  They fascinate me to no end.  Just think how many years old this planet is!  I love learning what our way back, (and i mean waaaay back!) ancestors ate.  What they wore.  How they hunted and the tools they used.  I want to know as much about them as i can.  I subscribe to Archaeology Magazine!  I pore over the photos and read the articles, and would love someday to go on an expedition.  To see the pyramids.. the Nasca Lines, the Mayan Ruins.  Forget People magazine and shows about Kim Kardashian.  I couldn't care less.  I can't get enough of ancient cave paintings, dinosaur teeth, the bog bodies in Ireland.  Instead of being a cowboy, i shoulda been an archaeologist.  LOL.  But i'm not.  They say it's never too late, but at my age, i 'do' have to pee a lot.  I don't think the Egyptian desert is known for its porto-potties.  I read a fascinating article in the News section of Archaeology Magazine the other day, and i want to share it with you.  It's a short article for those of you who have time constraints.  And who doesn't these days?  Especially this time of year!  This piece is about a statue called the 'Lion Man Sculpture' whose 'remains' were dug up in the Stadel Cave in Germany in 1939.  This sculpture, scientists believe, is 35,000 years old!  Thirty-five thousand!  I love that.. though it's hard for me to wrap my 48 year old mind around the concept of that many years.  It is thought by many that this statue represents a male shaman.  But there are some who believe it may be a female!  A female shaman.  :)  Recently many more pieces of this statue have been discovered!  How exciting is that?  But i'll let you read the article for yourselves.  If it turns out that this sculpture indeed represents a woman.. then women may have controlled the religion of our ancient ancestors!!  Woohoo!  Women RULE.  A fact i've always known.  Hah!  But perhaps they've actually ruled longer than previously thought.  Well, here it is.  It's kind of an educational article, but like i said.  Brief.  So hopefully you won't be bored.  :D  I sure wasn't.


Have 'A Christmas Carol', the 1951 film, on the television, and it's almost over.  So.. want to catch the rest!  Beautiful movie.  But maybe for another post someday.  Was this post brief?  Likely about as brief as i can make one.  Signing out this Monday, the Twelfth of December, Two Thousand Eleven.  M.. for Merry Archaeological Findings.  :D

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