Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 22, 2011

Our Tennessee!

To the right of the page is our beautiful cat Tennessee.  Tennessee Tuxedo.  He of the magnificent whiskers and puma paws.  An all around sweetheart of a boy.  Tenn came to us as a feral cat.  It took months for him to trust us.  We have a large koi pond in our backyard, and he first started coming around to drink.  He cried and cried and cried then.  A tiny, hungry little guy.  S and i began leaving bowls of food out for him.  We left them quite a distance from the house and then we 'disappeared' inside.  He always waited behind a bush until he was certain we were gone; then he came out to eat.. stopping to look cautiously around the entire time, until every scrap of food was gone.  This went on for a couple of months.  Eventually, we were able to trap him and take him to the vet to be neutered and to have all the necessary shots.  For a year, he stayed outside during the day; and at night, he slept in our storage shed with a comfy, warm kitty bed, lots of water and plenty of food.  We have coyotes in our neighborhood, and have friends who've lost their kitties to those dangerous (to cats) animals!  He's been with us for six years now, and he is an indoor kitty ALL THE TIME!  My little Tenn-Quid, as i love to call him, is such an affectionate kitty boy now.  Many nights, he sleeps at the foot of our bed, and sometimes leans on me the way i've seen some Golden Retrievers lean on their people.  Our little man has the most wonderful whiskers we've ever seen, and huge mountain lion-like paws.  And his purr.. well it's quite a noisy motor, and almost sounds as if he's trying to sing.  We adore him with all our hearts, and we know he loves and trusts us implicitly.  When an animal sleeps near you, he knows deep down that you would never.. EVER hurt him/her.  We love that he trusts us like that.  I think it says S and I are good people!  :)  I believe we were meant to be his.  It was good fortune that he found us, some might say.  At one time, that's what i thought.  Now i think he was meant for us, and has taught us much.  Whenever someone tells me that animals are incapable of love.. (i know, right?  Can you believe THAT?)... i tell them they're full of s***.  Well, i don't say that exactly, but i beg to differ!

And while i'm here.. i'd like to post Tennessee's theme song.  Yes!  All four of our cats have their own individual theme song.  :)  So..  Tenn's theme is 'Green Peppers', by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.  A perky. mischievous song that fits his personality to a T!  Here you go!  Enjoy.


Cool song, right?!  And vintage too.  I love vintage, by the way. So, i guess that's it for now.  This Thursday, December Twenty Second, Two Thousand Eleven.  M.. for Marvelous Tennessee.

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