Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

February 24, 2012

A (Not) Joyful Ode to Food Poisoning...

This week, i had the worst case of food poisoning ever!  Came down with it Tuesday.  Still not sure what i ate that made me so profoundly sick, but i am ecstatic to be feeling good again!  I was just out doing mundane errands around 2 pm Tuesday, when i broke out in a cold sweat.  Got the shakes.  A wave of nausea like none i've experienced in memory.  Luckily i made it to my car, and made the twenty minute drive home and through the front door before my body exploded.  Seriously.  That's what it felt like.  Then came a little over twenty four hours of pure hell.  No sleep.  I couldn't leave the bathroom long enough.  (A loo does not make a comfy bed.)  Utter exhaustion.  Much water and gatorade later; i felt better!  And felt a wave of relief and gratefulness like none i've experienced in memory.  :)  I've heard that a bout of food poisoning can take down a marine.  I believe it.  I'm nowhere near that caliber of fitness and discipline.  I thought an alien was trying to hatch from my body a la... 'Alien'.  And S was by my side through it all.  Waiting on me hand and foot.  Sitting beside me.. (when i could move to the couch,) holding my hand while i heaved.  I mean really.  He didn't have to do that!  But i'm glad he did.  'Do you want to go to the doctor?  I think you should see a doctor.  Let me take you to the doctor.'  No honey.  Really.  It just has to pass on its own.  There's something in my body that it doesn't want.  It wants it OUT!  Anyway, i figured out that mind over matter only works sometimes.  Then there are times when your body says..  **** you!  What did you put IN me?!  I love to find joy every day, but there was no joy for me here.  Not one iota.  So now that i'm well and healthy, i'm beyond thankful.  I feel nothing but joy joy joy and happiness.  I'm determined to be good to my body and mind.  I'm well, knock on wood; and i want to stay that way.

So no more talk about being sick.  Springtime is closer than it was on Tuesday!  The daffodils in our yard are almost ready to open.  I have the energy for one of my long walks.  :)  It's the weekend.  S doesn't have to travel to Israel next week for work.  My Mum and Dad are healthy.  S has been keeping up with the housework, so i don't have any to do this weekend.  Let's see.  I could go on and on and on.  But i won't.  I will; however, share a piece of wonderful music that i love.  It's one of my favorites ever by Claude Debussy.  I may have posted it before here, and if have.. sorry about that.  But i adore it, and i'm so happy tonight that i can't resist sharing it (maybe?) one more time.  It's called 'Clair de Lune'.  Maybe you've heard it and like it?  I hope so...


And i want to share another lovely photo of my grandparents' farm.  I loved that place!  So very many wonderful memories there.  And those memories were extremely comforting when i was so sick, but they're beautiful to think of anytime.  The exquisite blue sky here makes me look forward to summertime.  It'll be here before we know it.  But spring first.  The season of love and rebirth!


Goodnight for this Friday, February Twenty Fourth, Twenty Twelve.  Be healthy!  When you have your health, you have it all!  LPH..  Love Peace and Health!

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