Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

February 28, 2012

Just Can't Do the Politics.. Yet..

Watching the 1000th episode of 'The Colbert Report' with S.  This show is one of my favorites.  But this is as close as i'll come to writing about politics tonight.  I planned to make this post about Romney/Santorum.  The Michigan Primary, and a couple of other things politics related.  I couldn't do it.  Just. couldn't.  As the months progress and bring us closer to the November election; however, i'll find it more difficult to avoid shouting my opinions to the Universe!  I'm a liberal after all.  And those two men drive me crazy.  But that's all i'll say about them at the moment.  It was a gray, rainy, cold day in these parts, and i want some light and beauty before i head to bed.  Mr. Colbert is making me have belly laughs as he always does.  He always tickles my funny bone, and i love him.  So.  Instead i'll talk a little about a book i bought this afternoon that i can't wait to dive into.  And i'll share a review with you here.  Then after i finish the novel; i'll write my own review.  :)  The book is called, 'Leela's Book', by Alice Albinia.  Maybe it's a book that would interest you?  It's about a woman, (Leela) who is a Sanskrit scholar living in New York City.  She moves back to Delhi, India after a couple of decades of self-imposed exile.  I find India, its customs, politics and architecture fascinating though i've never been there.  I know poverty is rampant, though i've heard it is a place of magnificent beauty.  Full of contradictions!  I think this will be an educational as well as an engrossing read, and i'm looking forward to getting lost in it!  I love books that take me away.  Especially this time of year.  On the cusp of spring, but not quite over the fence!  So here's a review for your perusal.  See if it strikes your interest as well...  :)


I think you know that i also find beauty in classical music.  So i want to share just one short selection with you to close out the night.  Hope you like!


And to say goodnight this Tuesday the Twenty Eighth of February, Twenty Twelve, i want to share another pic of a scene i love.  Peace to you all...M.


  1. Not easy for me to follow US politics from France..But I wanted to thank you for your visit on my blog , and for being my 100th follower!
    I like the picture, at least, !:o)

    1. You're welcome, Malyss! I love your blog, it's beautiful! Thanks also for visiting mine back! The picture is of the old barn at my grandparents' farm in Richmond, Maine! Such wonderful memories for me there. The couple who live there now invited me for a visit one July day a year and a half ago. Quite bittersweet... :)


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