Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

February 8, 2012

21! Twenty One! :)

Tomorrow..  February the Ninth, Twenty Twelve, my love S and myself will celebrate 21.. (twenty one!) years together!  Wow.  The years have absolutely flown by.  And we met on .. of all things.. a BLIND DATE!  I'd been on countless blind dates before February 9, 1991.  Thanks to many well- intentioned friends who evidently couldn't stand to see me 'alone'.  I'd had a few boyfriends over the years, but at that point, I was happy being single.  I know.  I know.  No one believed me then either.  I think i explained in a post i made here a couple of months ago a few details about how my man and i met.  How the circumstances were quite serendipitous.  I'll go through it quickly here in case it's not new to you.  I worked in a tiny office (cubicle) back then that was adjacent to my good friend Sue's office.  Sue lived in an apartment next door to S.  One early morning, Sue peeked over our shared cubicle wall, and said.. 'Hey Mary.  I know a guy...'  I immediately thought.  Geezzzz!  Here we go again!  Struggled not to let my eyes roll back to my forehead.  I'd sworn to myself, that for the sake of my own good mental health and well-being, that i'd NEVER go out on another blind date.  Ever.  She persuaded me.  I have to admit, i fell in 'love at first sight.'  S and i have been together ever since.  I fell in love with his brilliant mind first.  I mean before i fell in love with his eyes and body.  I know.  I know.  No one believed me then either.  I won't bore you with sappy details about how we were made for each other and all.  We really were made for each other, by the way.  At least that's what i believe.  I'm a romantic at heart.  Valentine's evening was our second date.  Hearts.  Flowers.  Love!  Happy sigh.  But the ninth has always been our special day.  'A Week after Groundhog Day'.. S calls it.  So i'll share a pic with you of one of the anniversary gifts i received from him early.  It's gorgeous.  :)

Beautiful isn't it?  Green Nevada turquoise.  I love it.  Turquoise is one of the first ancient protection amulets.  Brings peace into the home.  He doesn't know any of those things.  He's the hard scientist/mathematician in this household.  He just knew i'd like the ring.    He's always had excellent taste!

Well this is a shortie post.  Just wanted to check in.  We're hanging out together watching OPB.  Reading.  Quiet things.  Our nights were not so quiet and calm 21 years ago.  Not that we were insane, mind you.  But we didn't go to bed by 10:30-11:00.  We went 'out' a lot more.  Now the going out thing is mainly reserved for weekends.  But that's more than fine with us.  I'll see you all on Friday.  Goodnight for this February Eighth, Twenty Twelve.  M.. for Many Hearts & Flowers!  Yeah, sappy sappy sappy.  But i just couldn't help myself...

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  1. Congrats and love the ring, if I were the kinda guy to love rings. LOL


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