Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

February 3, 2012

Mysteries, Mysterious Kitties and Blue Sky!

I spent most of this blue sky gorgeous Friday at the local library.  It's one of my favorite places in the Universe in any kind of weather.  A dark rainy winter's day.  A clear scorcher of a summer's day.  Because i love books all the time, and the library has delicious air conditioning.  And on a 90 degree August day; it feels magnificent!  Anyway, i'd love to spend a night at the library by myself with all those books, magazines, etc.  You know.. take a sleeping bag, overnight bag, toothbrush!  Fuzzy kitty slippers maybe.  How dreamy.  Find a comfy chair and read the night away.  Snooze a little between books.  I think murder mysteries would be my choices for this wish-come-true night.  Not psychological thrillers so much as Agatha Christie/ Ngaio Marsh whodunnits.  Perfect.  Not gory, but spooky and fun.  Kind of like ghost stories around a campfire, but stories just for me.  No other humans present.  Only shadows!  Muahahahaha!   I'm on a mystery kick lately!  I love literary fiction, but just am not in the mood for it this chilly February.  The thing with mysteries, is that the bad guy/woman always gets what's coming to him/her in the end.  I adore that.  It may not be realistic, but i'm a sucker for a happy ending now and then!  Just like in an excellent love story, there are obstacles to be overcome, but....  And in a good suspense novel, there is usually a good bit of investigating to be done.  A few wrong turns taken.  Before the culprit is apprehended.  And then the payoff is excellent.  Justice for all!  So, since i can't spend all night at the paradise that is my public library, i borrowed these today.  Great weekend and beyond reading!

Fabulous mysteries all!  I can't wait to get started!  Thing is.. which one to read first?  I'm thinking the P.D. James or Cara Black!  A Ngaio Marsh?  Hers are spectacular.  Much like Ms. Christie's, but Ms. Marsh was very much her own writer.  Sigh.  Decisions decisions.  But this kind of choice makes me smile inside.  Such great reading is one of life's greatest pleasures!  Perhaps i'll read some literary fiction next month...  :D

Another thing that made me supremely happy today was the beautiful blue sky!  What a day this Friday was.  Temperatures in the mid-fifties.  I took my layered winter jacket apart and started the day doing errands in just the fleece!  And ended up in a long sleeved shirt.  (And jeans of course.  I wasn't just clothed on top.)  Fabulous!  What a splendid feeling of freedom.  Not quite like shorts and bare feet.  But we're getting there all!  The time is coming.

See?!  Now how gorgeous is that?!  I think that's my favorite shade of blue right there.  How can one not be filled with happiness to see that sky?

And our kitties.  Well, they always make me happy.  Snickers has a way of 'hiding' on me.  It's adorable.  She finds these spots and watches me walk by.  And she's not up high.  She's down low, and can only see my feet.  She thinks if she can't see me; i can't see her.

Can you see her?  LOL!  And she loves boxes.  To be on top of them.  Inside them.  Beside them!  What is it about felines and boxes?  They're just so darn cute.  (The cats.  Not the boxes.)

Have a fabulous weekend all!  Goodnight this Friday the Third of February, Twenty Twelve.  M for Mysteries Aplenty!  Be back soon.


  1. Awww, how sweetly precious. My grey tabby, Stella, loves to come with endlessly creative hiding places from which to stalk her humans, just like Snickers.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my Saturday Snapshots blog post. I really appreciate it and hope you're having a stellar weekend!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks so much for visiting Jessica! And thank you for your lovely comment. Cats are so fascinating and loveable. I wonder if they know how entertaining they really are? :) And i love your blog. It's wonderful.

    Hope your Monday is going well! I'll be visiting you often..



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