Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 22, 2015

Nighttime Haiku

Good evening all!  It's been awhile again. I've been busy.. plus I had some nasty bronchitis. Luckily I had some great antibiotics that knocked the infection right outta me!  :)

I hope you're all having a lovely autumn!  I'm still getting used to the early darkness. Summer seemed to go by so quickly, and I can't believe the holiday season is almost here!  So tonight I just have this..

                                              Darkness heavy, black..
                                              Makes eyelids desire to close.
                                              Feel like a big bear. :)

Well, I can understand why some animals hibernate. Winter, (I know it's not officially here yet,) is slow.. restful. It's the natural way of things, but it's a good thing for full spectrum lights and vitamin D supplements!

You have a beautiful evening and a good Monday!



  1. Hi Mary, it is cold in Toronto lately. It feels winter is here.

  2. Sometimes I like cold days. The air is fresh and crisp clear and dressed in layers I stay warm too. : )

  3. Yes, everyone feels like a big ol' bear this time of year who only wants to eat and then hibernate all winter!

  4. Hi Mary, glad to hear you are feeling better... this weather is perfect for hibernation! Here it starts to get dark at 4PM! I've noticed the kitties have been sleeping much more now and seem content with their short walks each day... they are choosing their cozy warm beds over the cold brisk winds! I enjoy the snow and cold through the holidays, and then want it all to go away as quickly as possible so that spring can return. In the mean time I'll join you in a vitamin D cocktail! :)


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