Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 26, 2015

Black Friday Not My Cup of Tea Haiku :)

                           No Black Friday here!
                           Netflix and relaxation!
                           Home with feet up, snacks!

You all have a great day whatever you decide to do!  I'll be back, and peace to all.


      Just a little endnote to let you know that i can now also be found here.  I've always wanted a place for my own short stories, and now i have one.  :)  It's something i've procrastinated for a long time.. now i've actually gone and done it.  Here's the other address.  I hope you'll come for a visit..


        Be back here soon!


  1. No shopping for me. I'm have a nice day at home. : )

  2. Your haiku has said it perfectly! No shopping for me either -- Just laziness! :-)

  3. No mall for me! I think you have just the right idea!


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