Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 25, 2015

Tree Haiku

                        Bereft of their leaves..
                        Time for trees to settle in..
                        Their long winter's nap.

You all have a beautiful Thanksgiving!  Peace and love.


              And a quick PS.. i can also now be found here.  I'd been thinking for a long time about starting a blog just for short stories, and i finally got off my butt and did it this afternoon.. well actually, that's not quite true, lol.  I'm very much on my butt and not going anywhere because i'm way too full of Thanksgiving feast.  Anyway, here's my new address:


   Maybe you'll come visit?  Have a lovely rest of your Thursday!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mary, lucky trees.

  2. Hope your TG was happy. Remember to repost your new link or add it to your sidebar. I know I can't get to it for a couple of days and afraid I'l forget in the holiday crazies but I'd like to check it out!


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