Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

October 30, 2013

Duke and Tammy.. Part the Gazillionth

Duke and Tammy's Treasure

Tammy and Duke's treasure gives them much pleasure..
They love to share with others, and they have empathy beyond measure!
Now their buddy Geoff needs a cure..
He has two broken teeth, that is sure..
Geoff will get help from D and T and their silver treasure!

Geoff is a very cute, but sometimes smelly skunk!
He lives in a den beside a pine tree trunk!
He broke his teeth while eating a nut..
Geoff needs them mended; there is no but..
Duke and Tammy can help, their coins are not junk!

Geoff, at this time, has preexisting conditions..
It'll cost too much for hospital admissions..
So his friends will help!
And he won't have to eat kelp..
Tammy can drive.. 'cause Geoff's car didn't pass emissions!

Meanwhile Tammy is making Geoff yummy soup!
So the tooth pain won't take poor Geoffrey for a loop..
Broccoli and cheese, or basil-tomato..
Sometimes rich cream of potato!
It's all going well, 'cause Agent Snee's no longer a snoop.

Geoff gets to join Duke and Tammy at their dinner..
When he's better, he'll have Tammy's pie, and that's sure a winner!
There'll be meatloaf and pot roast..
And sometimes peanut butter and toast!
Duke and Tammy offer him gin and tonics, but Geoff is not a gin-ner..  *

               *gin-ner.. means drinker of gin.  Poetic license 'cause i want to.  lol.

  Mary R.

You all have an excellent evening, and i'll be back!

'Upside down' Snickie says goodnight too.  And peace all!



  1. It's a good thing Geoff has good friends! And Snickers is so cute!

  2. Aw Geoff ...it'll get better.
    Upside down or right side up ~ Snickers you sure are cute!

  3. Poor Geoff. Have a great day and hugs to the furry ones. :)

  4. Snickers is all decked out for Halloween in his orange and black! :)

  5. Poor Geoff. Snickers is so beautiful. I love seeing pictures. He reminds me so much of Miss Minga in her youth.


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