Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

October 20, 2013

Duke and Tammy Are No Longer on the Lammy!

So it's time for Tammy and Duke Larry to be home!
Now they're safe from Agent Snee, so no reason to roam..
Though they can roam if they want to..
Around the world to someplace like Corfu!
Or to a small and cozy love shack way up in Nome!  :)

But surely not a poorly built house with a tin roof!
Agent Snee could likely find them, though he has no proof..
They're home in Oregon where they belong..
It's perfect in their woods; it's never wrong!
And everyone is very happy not one friend is aloof.

Nasty Agent Snee was reprimanded by his boss..
So he's the guy who'll take the loss!
Duke and Tammy are nice..
They're not mad; generosity will suffice.
Their treasure's under the tree so covered with moss!

The winters in Oregon are rainy and dark.
But their cabin in the woods is sturdy-made of bark!
And Tammy can bake her baklava and cake!
And Duke can have his favorite coffee shake..
Duke Larry has buddy Badger Lee nearby.. so he's happy as a lark!

       Mary R.

And while Duke and Tammy were on the lammy, this was their theme song.  :)  It's also a way back play back favorite of mine!  I hope you enjoy it.. it's called Roam, by the B-52s..


Okay, just one more thing before i go for the evening..

A little serenity on Sunday night!  I'll be back here soon, and peace all.



  1. this is a beautiful spot, I love the Bull Rushes..glad Tammy and Duke can take a break from running. I'd forgotten all about B-52, great song.

  2. I remember that song. And of course Love Shack. An ear worm.

  3. Lovely, serene place. I can just picture myself sitting on the banks, the solitude, the birdsongs. That is exactly what I need right now. I, too, remember that song, a bit of nostalgia. Glad Duke and Tammy made it back safe and sound. A wooden cottage sounds nice.

  4. Glad they're home, and baking baklava nonetheless!

  5. The lake looks perfectly wonderful. So calming and peaceful.

  6. It's always good to read some great words and see a lovely picture of a serene place ..Thank you!

  7. j'aime aussi le calme au bord de l'eau.
    bonne semaine Mary


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