Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 5, 2013

A Tale of Two Ducks!

         Daphne and Stephen

Stephen and Daphne are a couple of happy ducks!
Happily married and in love.. aw shucks!  :)
Daphne is healthy..
Though they're not wealthy..
Stephen needs his bill fixed, and they don't have the bucks!

They're both so glad there's health care reform!
Until now, good medical care has not been their norm..
They tried with all their might..
And got on the HCA website!
Now Stephen's bill will weather the storm!

Daphne loves Stephen 'cause he's super smart..
But he's also quite shy, so they had a slow start!
But Daphne's a hot ticket..
So they made out in a thicket!
Sometimes they get wine at the local Moon-Mart!

Daphne and Stephen think it should be single payer all the way!
But some of their friends don't like it, so they say nay!
Daphne thinks it's fair..
And Stephen loves to share!
And they think all the voters will soon have their say!

         Mary R.

Pretty autumn sky!  Goodnight for now, and have a lovely rest of your evening and a great Wednesday.  Peace!



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