Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

October 30, 2013

Duke and Tammy.. Part the Gazillionth

Duke and Tammy's Treasure

Tammy and Duke's treasure gives them much pleasure..
They love to share with others, and they have empathy beyond measure!
Now their buddy Geoff needs a cure..
He has two broken teeth, that is sure..
Geoff will get help from D and T and their silver treasure!

Geoff is a very cute, but sometimes smelly skunk!
He lives in a den beside a pine tree trunk!
He broke his teeth while eating a nut..
Geoff needs them mended; there is no but..
Duke and Tammy can help, their coins are not junk!

Geoff, at this time, has preexisting conditions..
It'll cost too much for hospital admissions..
So his friends will help!
And he won't have to eat kelp..
Tammy can drive.. 'cause Geoff's car didn't pass emissions!

Meanwhile Tammy is making Geoff yummy soup!
So the tooth pain won't take poor Geoffrey for a loop..
Broccoli and cheese, or basil-tomato..
Sometimes rich cream of potato!
It's all going well, 'cause Agent Snee's no longer a snoop.

Geoff gets to join Duke and Tammy at their dinner..
When he's better, he'll have Tammy's pie, and that's sure a winner!
There'll be meatloaf and pot roast..
And sometimes peanut butter and toast!
Duke and Tammy offer him gin and tonics, but Geoff is not a gin-ner..  *

               *gin-ner.. means drinker of gin.  Poetic license 'cause i want to.  lol.

  Mary R.

You all have an excellent evening, and i'll be back!

'Upside down' Snickie says goodnight too.  And peace all!


October 20, 2013

Duke and Tammy Are No Longer on the Lammy!

So it's time for Tammy and Duke Larry to be home!
Now they're safe from Agent Snee, so no reason to roam..
Though they can roam if they want to..
Around the world to someplace like Corfu!
Or to a small and cozy love shack way up in Nome!  :)

But surely not a poorly built house with a tin roof!
Agent Snee could likely find them, though he has no proof..
They're home in Oregon where they belong..
It's perfect in their woods; it's never wrong!
And everyone is very happy not one friend is aloof.

Nasty Agent Snee was reprimanded by his boss..
So he's the guy who'll take the loss!
Duke and Tammy are nice..
They're not mad; generosity will suffice.
Their treasure's under the tree so covered with moss!

The winters in Oregon are rainy and dark.
But their cabin in the woods is sturdy-made of bark!
And Tammy can bake her baklava and cake!
And Duke can have his favorite coffee shake..
Duke Larry has buddy Badger Lee nearby.. so he's happy as a lark!

       Mary R.

And while Duke and Tammy were on the lammy, this was their theme song.  :)  It's also a way back play back favorite of mine!  I hope you enjoy it.. it's called Roam, by the B-52s..


Okay, just one more thing before i go for the evening..

A little serenity on Sunday night!  I'll be back here soon, and peace all.


October 10, 2013

Five Quickie Randoms --

Good evening all!  Joining Nancy Claeys at her wonderful blog A Rural Journal, where she hosts a fun Friday meme called 'Random 5 Friday'.  It's where we can share 5 facts about ourselves, our week, our pets, our kids.. whatever we want!  I hope you'll join.  It can be found here...


Here are mine for this week.  I'm gonna see how short and sweet i can make 'em.  Just to see if i can.  Here goes!

1.  This week, we've had ants in our mailbox.  Yes that's right.  Ants.  A gazillion of them.  I've used Windex to spray and have placed a couple of traps in there.  But they're still swarming, or whatever it is ants do.  It's now Duane's job to get the mail.  I will not stick my hand in there.  Not gonna happen.  And it's weird.  There has never been any food in our mailbox.  Have you ever heard of such a bizarre thing??

2.  I'm reading a novel called The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht.  It's excellent, and i adore it so far.  On chapter 7.  Enthralling!  :)

3.  I've decided i'm going to teach myself to speak Danish.  No particular reason.. i just want to.  I decide things this way sometimes.  The why of it is something i can't explain.  But i won't be satisfied now until i do it.  Sometimes i can't make up my mind to save my life, it seems, but then there are times like this...

4.  I haven't watched the new TV show Black List with James Spader.  So many people i know say it's brilliant, but i don't know if it's my thing or not.  Guess i won't know until i try it, will i?

5.  Yesterday i had an Ambrosia apple for the first time ever!  Talk about delicious.  Not sure why i'd never tried one, but now it's my favorite kind!  Much easier to choose a favorite kind of a type of fruit than a favorite book even when i narrow it down to one genre.  I also have a favorite kind of nectarine, (Zephyr,) and a favorite leafy green, (kale.)

Well, there you go!  I kept it pretty short, right?

Hearts can be found in the oddest places.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back soon!