Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 6, 2013

Daphne and Stephen Have a Date!

Daphne Duck loves to wear red!
She has a small closet at the foot of her bed..
She lives by Birdie Pond
Of Stephen Duck.. she's very fond!
They dance in the moonlight behind the old shed.

It's important she keep her webbed feet bare!
For expensive shoes, she therefore doesn't care..
She wears a sparkling garnet necklace..
A gift from Stephen.. he's not at all feckless!
It's a wonderful love the two of them share!

Stephen Duck has very sweet eyes..
He adores his Daphne, and wouldn't tell her lies!
The walk side by side..
Across the moonlit pond they glide..
Every so often they share some cherry pies!

        Mary R.

Daphne and Stephen side by side.  :)

Goodnight for now, and have a lovely evening!  Peace, all.



  1. you make me laugh, loved this...we've a few favourite Duck couples, our Daphne goes with a Jean-Luc ;-).

  2. How romantic! Even ducks have fairy love stories!

  3. Loved this. You have such a way with words.


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