Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 4, 2015

Heavy Sigh

            Talk about guns and gun rights is rampant on my facebook page. It's exhausting. Same old.. same old. Those for gun control. Those who support the Second Amendment and want no changes. Read the comments section under any post about guns, and all the discussion and debate changes nothing. The chasm widens. 'Guns are the problem!' 'Take away the guns!' Then the.. 'No one will take my guns away!'  'I have a right to carry!'  And the memes that people post. Both sides, right and left post the 'facts'. But the facts are different. Opposing 'facts'.  Then religion comes into the heated discussion. Something horrendous happens as it happened this week, and people immediately.. and I'm talking minutes.. go to their respective corners. Just like in a boxing ring. And I want to scream, 'Fourteen People Just Died!!'  But everyone has an agenda and his/her 2 cents. It's always the same. I'm so done with it. I'm posting photos, (like I always do,) of shelter dogs and cats available for adoption. Classical music videos from YouTube. Book reviews. Photos of my own two kitties. Anything but stuff about guns.  I mean, aren't these people exhausted from yelling at each other? Of course, I can't literally hear the loudness and the disdain, but it's definitely there.  The constant arguments. And people are criticized for praying. 'Praying isn't the answer!' 'Stop praying!' Well, I figure if one doesn't think praying is the answer, then one shouldn't do it for goodness sake.  Some people pray. Deal with it. I've been thinking for quite awhile about getting rid of my facebook page.. but now I'm REALLY considering it. I think about how peaceful and calm and quiet my life would be... A facebook-less world. Contented sigh... Sounds more and more like a fabulous idea to me... !


  1. I'm getting pretty darned good at scrolling down FB and mentally editing as I go along pretty fast. I'm not even reading it anymore. It's all too distressing and really doesn't change a thing. I don't post political (really? guns political? You bet!) unless it's a very rare occasion. Won't say it'll never happen but it's pretty unlikely. There are so many ways people don't get along no matter what -- I don't have to add FB to my frustration level! So, I look for the fun or the pretty... so far, so good.

  2. The one thing I have learned, everyone likes to tell everyone else how to live .. pray, don't pray, have guns, don't have guns. Everyone , being Americans, has the right to Free Speech and they use it ... sometimes more than they need to :)
    Truth is ... guns are legal. If they were illegal, bad people would still get guns and still do bad things.
    Without guns, they will use knives, explosives, blunt instruments ... you name it, if a bad guy wants to do harm, he will find a weapon of some sort.
    People get all bogged down in the "gun debate" .. to me it is senseless and time wasting.
    The Right to Bear arms has nothing to do with the Right To Kill People..
    That is what people need to work on ... the Killers .. not their weapons.


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