Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

May 12, 2015


                             Rain is nourishment!
                             Droplets quench thirst of flowers..
                             Drink for each petal!

We had some much needed rain here in northwest Oregon today!  I have been loving the sunny, warm days of springtime, but sunshine is not usual for this part of the country this time of year.  And as lovely as it's been, the grass, plants and reservoirs are thirsty!  So today was a nice, quiet day of reading, errands and .... more reading.  Oh and getting my very long hair chopped.  Eight inches lopped off the back, and i now have a chin length bob.  I feel rather naked.  A little naughty!  A good kind of naughty if there is such a thing, (and i think there is.)  Anyway, it's still raining, and i can hear the beautiful sound on our roof as i type.  Our kitties are enjoy the peacefulness too.  :)

A magical corner of our yard a few weeks ago.  The tulips are long gone, but were gorgeous while they lasted.

I wish you all peace and a lovely Wednesday!  Be back soon!



  1. Wow! Beautiful header picture. If rain comes it gives us freshness.Not only for us even for plants. See the beautiful flowers that is shown in the picture!

  2. The vivid colours of your garden are refreshing. In the parched southern lands of Australia, rain is always welcome. It too has visited us in bucket-loads today. Unfortunately our corner of France has had reports of an extremely dry winter with a noticeable lack of snow and spring rains. I hope this doesn't mean another holiday of unseasonal wet weather when we make our annual pilgrimage this year.

  3. Oh, you naughty girl! It looks as though things in your world are quite beautiful and happy -- and I'll bet your hair is as cute as can be!

  4. It always feels strange to have long hair cut off, doesn't it? But your new bob will be so much easier to care for, I'm sure! Long hair is like having a pet.


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