Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

May 14, 2015

Agent Dangerous

                     Agent Byron Dangerous likes his oatmeal cold..
                     His hair in a pony tail, and his chartreuse ties bold!
                     He enjoys rainy weather..
                     And his scrambled eggs and ketchup mixed together!
                     His big white ranch house has just been sold!

                     Byron's moving in with his girlfriend Charlene..
                     She's six foot two, with a frame quite lean!
                     She madly loves Dangerous..
                     Who's not the least bit cantankerous!
                     In her long, fiery locks, she wears ribbons of green!

                     Sometimes Byron acts nutty, but he's really quite smart..
                     He paints in watercolor, it's his favorite kind of art!
                     By and Charlene are moving to a big Mansard home..
                     In its backyard garden lives a mischievous little gnome!
                     Oh, and i can't forget Charlene's kitty..
                          His name is Kevin, and he likes to fart!

                                Mary R.

                           To be continued in a future post..

                       You all have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend to come!  I'll be back soon..



  1. So cute, my friend. I've missed these little poems and tales.Glad you are back.

  2. Can't wait for the next installment. I simply adore your whimsy!


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