Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

April 15, 2013


Heart sliced open.
Eyes running faucets..
Dry salty face.. can't swallow,
But choke.  More names on list
After Newtown.  More.  :(  Why,
I ask again.  Though not about me.
Children happily watch with
Families.  Who knew??  More confusion
For all.  It's Patriot's Day.  Flags wave,
People run for hope and happiness.
But run into horror.

A rush of people to help.
Even amidst violence.. goodness
Shows!  Tears, shouts of pain, and
Many, many
Questions.  Why this time??  I heard
some upset about tightened security.
Seriously?  Some might be behind 'schedule'?
Does it matter?  Really?  Their selfishness shows in
Neon.  None of us an island..
A lone rock in the sea.  But sometimes i
Wonder.  Their self importance idiotic!
Simple inconvenience.  Just deal people.
My head goes back in sand, if
only a little.  I want some good
News as my heart breaks.  So i pull my
Head out, and watch some news.

It's not good, but i have to know.
To go outside myself.  Where the rest
Of our world lives
And loves.  I'm not an island.  But i'm profoundly
Sad.  I shake my head.. Not again!
But i'm riveted to TV.  Answers..
Not yet.  My body shakes in
anger and sadness.  I pound a
Pillow some.  Disbelief, sickness.
Still i count my blessings and pray for those
Hurt and Lost.  Remember my beautiful
Family and great friends.  Know i'm one person, but hope my
Thoughts and prayers count.  I wish peace for all,
But, it may be a long wait...  Love to all... and the truth will
Come out...

I'll be back soon.  M


  1. Mary, I share your sadness and frustration and anger--all the emotions that bubble up when another tragedy occurs. You tell such truth here: we are not islands. We're all connected. I hope someday that connectedness will lead us to peace.

    1. I hope so too, Tina. I hope so too. Have a peaceful evening.

  2. There is nothing to add. You have said it all, and very eloquently I might add. A sad day. But cowards [despicable human beings] won't run for long. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. No they will not. They'll be found and justice will be served.

  3. I don't understand. How can someone decide to wake up in the morning to put a bomb? it's stupid, violent , horrible. It makes me hate. I'm thinking of families , friends , and I want to send love and friendship.

    1. Thank you Malyss.. i don't understand it either, and i likely never will. My love goes to the people of Boston and their families..

  4. So shocking, so sad, so unnecessary, you've said it all. xx

    1. So profoundly sad. Thank you for writing Cheryl. xx

  5. Much sadness for all of us right now. God be with the families of the dead and injured and bring them comfort and strength!

    1. I agree, Marie. I am praying for their strength also. Sending my love and hope for them..

  6. My tears dropped while reading these words.


  7. We all notice how people rushed in to assist. We all focus on the Great Love being shared in every part of the answer. We all reach out to one another - and show gratitude for everything Good in the World.

    Together we overcome - by Knowing/Demonstrating that LOVE is the answer - Love always wins . . This Truth- telling and Beautiful Post - is Part of the Powerful Response . . . Speaking Love - The Truth - like YOU have just done - Is part of the healing - You may feel like one - BUT, but YOU have added your best to the arsenal of Peace.
    love & love,

    1. Yes, i believe too that love always wins! I count on it. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment g. :) We all must hold hands and support each other, and good will always come out on top!

  8. Beautiful expression in light of this week's events. xo

  9. Another difficult day on our history. Even though I'm Canadian I still think of us as one people, for many of us (hopefully a great many) want peace and less evil in the world. We are nieghbours and friends who need to stand together to grieve and pray.
    Your poem mirrors much of what I'm feeling.
    Take good care.
    (by the way the flowers in my pictures are White Fawn lilies or Dog Toothed Violets)

    1. We're definitely one people, Kerry. Thank you for your heartfelt message. And yes, it's important that we unite in our grief and prayer. The flowers in your photos in your post are beautiful, and gave me joy today. Thank you for that!


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