Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

January 5, 2012


Some things.. objects.. make me happy.  Love and peace make me the happiest, but it's hard to picture those feelings.  The photo below is of two desserts that S and myself shared one day before Christmas when we were out shopping on a beautiful afternoon.  A divine piece of Mexican wedding cake and a peppermint whoopie pie!  :)  Yes!  Powdered sugar, chocolate and butter cream make me feel ecstatic!  And the real reason for the happiness here is that there's so much joy to be had in sharing something delicious with the one you love..  Sharing is joyful!  One of the best things in this Universe of ours!

And here is a scene that made me practically squeal with happiness!  He is not my pup, but he is wonderful, as are all dogs!  Those ears!  Look at them.  How can you not feel 'tons' of love and joy in your heart when you look at him?!  Just sitting in there full of loyalty waiting patiently for his human.  What a sweetheart.  Yes.  Animals make me extraordinarily happy!

Excellent comfort food makes me happy.  And this meal.. eaten on a cold, damp Northwest December day was super yummy and hearty-savory.  Nothing quite like a Reuben and a little corn chowder to warm one's heart!  Two of my favorite things in the world.  I was also able to share this meal (and lots of excellent 'girl talk',) with a beautiful friend of mine!

Seeing a kitty enjoy the sunshine makes me incredibly happy!  This is our Tennessee.  Felines are excellent at finding the sunniest spot in any house or outdoors!  Our boy had such a hard time before we became his.  Hungry, cold, dehydrated, homeless.  Now he has the run of our home.  He'll never be hungry or scared again.  He deserves love as all animals do.  They are our true blue companions, and give us oodles of unconditional love.  :)

And this our young girl kitty Snickers.  She makes me happy.  Especially when she tries to make conversation with me like she is here.  I love to hear her voice in all its variety.  Here she's saying 'i love you M' .. i know she is.  And i'm telling her i love her right back!  Like i do every day.  S and i love sharing our love with her.  Yep.. lots of joy day in and day out 365 days a year!

And last, but certainly not least.. excellent reading makes me happy.  I spend a lot of time with books.  And poring over the awesome shelves in many a bookstore and library.  I feel much love, peace, happiness and contentment when i'm around books.. magazines.. newspapers..  Happy sigh.

So there you have it.  Just a few 'things' that make me feel happiness.  Of course, cats and dogs are not objects.  They're wonderful, extraordinary and magnificent breathing, furry, warm and loving creatures.

Gotta go for this Thursday, January Fifth, Twenty Twelve.  Time for supper.  For myself and our four fabulous felines! See you soon.. B.. for Beautiful Joy!


  1. I think she is saying I love you///what a sweetie...I have a tuxcedo cat also....welcome to blogging...I know you will love it...

  2. Thank you Phyllis! And thank you for leaving a comment. :) I am certainly enjoying it so far.. It is FUN!

  3. I am SO hungry for a Mexican wedding cakes and corned beef now. Odd combo, but it's the truth!

  4. :) I didn't have those two things together.. for a meal and dessert. But now that you mention it; it doesn't sound odd as a combo at all. Yummy!


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