Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

January 6, 2012

Happiness.. Part II!

So i find myself thinking about happiness again this evening.  I'm in our cozy, warm home while it's cold, drizzly and dark outside writing on the box and waiting for S to return from a work related trip to Tel Aviv.  He'll be home around midnight.  :)  Can't wait to see him.  I love that i feel a little tingly and full of anticipation at his homecoming.   Such a sweet feeling after twenty years together.  It feels the same as when we were dating before we moved in together.  It's as if we haven't aged at all.. when we obviously have.  Lol.  Love makes all people feel young, i guess.  Isn't that fantastic?!  Rhetorical question there.  Anyway, i wanted to post a little more about things that make me happy.  I promise i'll be brief, and won't drone on 'all night'...  :D

Well, one thing that makes me happy is a day of the week.  Monday to be exact!  I think i'm in the minority here.  This picture below is of a note i attached to the fridge the day after Christmas, because i kept forgetting what day of the week it was.  That's what i do when i forget 'stuff.'  I list it and put it on our refrigerator.  It works.  Since i spend lots of time in that part of the house; i can't help but see 'the writing on the wall!'  I happen to think Mondays are fabulous.  Kind of like a brand new year.. except on a much smaller scale.  I love to make plans for the week on Monday.  It's the day i start or finish projects and whatnot.  Fresh and rested from the weekend.  A clean slate every seven days so to speak.  No?  Have many good friends who think i'm bonkers when i tell them i enjoy my Mondays and think they sell that day short.  Give Monday a chance!  I say.  Snort!  The hilarious looks i get...

Another thing that makes me feel vibrant.. lively.. happy.. is blue sky.  Whether in Winter.. ( i especially love it then).. Spring, Summer or Fall.  The other day; i said i love gray sky too, and i was telling the truth.  But there's something about a beautiful, sparkling Wedgewood blue.  Clear. Cloudless.  I take pictures of sky sometimes.. so i can remember what it looked like on a given day.  Like today.. in early January.  The Oregon Winter is full of clouds and rain.  Which i've grown to love.. (and it took years for me to feel that way.  YEARS!)  But an intense blue sky is a gorgeous thing to behold.  Hence the profound happiness.  Like the sky pictured below..  Now who wouldn't LOVE that?  Excuse me while i kiss the sky!  Jimi Hendrix.. wasn't that?  :D

And speaking of colors like vivid blue, the green of an Oregon Winter makes me happy too.  The green of the grass.  Of the evergreens.  The Douglas Firs.  The Sequoias.  The Spruce trees!  Such GREENNESS.  It's wonderful, really.  Every once in awhile i get little pangs of homesickness for a snowy Maine Winter, but i've truly become accustomed to the green.  And the reason things stay so green is... all that rain.  So how bad can rain be?  Not bad at all.  See below.. GREEN!

And while we're on the subject of color.. my favorite of all is... yellow.  The color of Autumn leaves.  Yellow gold.  The color of sunshine.  Lemonade.  Meyer Lemons.  A yummy Lemon-Drop Martini.  Yellow is the color of happiness.  Remember the yellow smiley faces of the early seventies?  I loved those.  Smiles and happiness.  Yes.  Yellow is magnificent.  Yellow leaves.  Aren't they pretty?  Another rhetorical question.  I really should stop asking those.. shouldn't i?  :)

Anyhow.  I said i'd be brief.. so here you are.  It's Friday evening and all.  Hope you're enjoying this end of the week.  And by the way.. Friday is a day that makes me happy too.  Don't think i'm in the minority this time.  Peace and a Splendid Weekend to you all.. this Friday, January Sixth, Twenty Twelve.  M


  1. Truly inspiring...I too love the feeling of being inside on a drizzly Westcoast day...blue skies-check, yellow leaves-check, dog ears-double check!
    I know of a line in a song that says.."dawn arrives...so gorgeous like a great dog yawn."
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments.

  2. Kerry.. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I have never heard that song, but i know i would love it, and will 'have' to find it! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Your blog is beautiful, and i'll be visiting often!


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