Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

August 2, 2011

Sometimes.. it's all about CHEESE!

So.. here's the thing.  I think the other day, when i made my first milestone post.. :D.. i neglected to mention how much i absolutely adore cheese.  Of all kinds!  Whether it's made from cow's milk, sheep's milk or goat's milk.. i heart it!  'Course, it might not be so healthy for my heart, but these days, i'm sure to enjoy that exquisite stuff in moderate amounts.  And i know that in some ways..  cheese is excellent for one's heart and soul.  Quite frankly, i never thought of making this blog about cheese at all.  Credit goes to my friend Joe P. for that.  With extra encouragement from my friend JQ!  I'll also include a bit about wine in this post.  I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but i do know what i like.  So i might be able to give you out there in cyberland a few hints as to what you might possibly enjoy.

Here goes!  One of my ultimate favorite kinds of cheese is a French cheese called Port Salut.  It's a creamy, kind of nutty, soft, melt-in-one's-mouth cheese that is fabulously scrumptious.  Delicious if you spread a small chunk on a piece of warm, crusty French bread.  I've also tried Port Salut with a little Black Forest ham on a small crusty French roll.  Cheese and good bread together are just to die for!  And if you enjoy wine, try this cheese with a glass of Yard Dog White.  It's an Australian white that's excellent.  I wasn't sure, because, i must admit, i fell in love (first) with the label.  But the 'wine guy' at the market where i shop said (the day i purchased it,) that it's also good.  And he was correct!  There is a picture on the label of a little terrier wearing a cone around his neck!  Save the bottle when you finish the wine!  I did, but can't find it in this house.  Maybe one of our kitties noticed the picture of 'the cone of shame'.. and hid it somewhere in his/her secret stash!  :D  And Port Salut is also yummy when it's spread on just a plain wheat cracker.  It might sound bland, but actually it's perfect.  You don't want a cracker with so strong a flavor that it overwhelms the flavor of the cheese!  That will get one a wag of my finger.  Yes!  Sometimes i channel Stephen Colbert.

Another kind of wine that I love is Layer Cake Shiraz.. another Australian wine.  And yes, you guessed it!  Fell in love with this label too.  Because there is a picture of..YES!  you guessed again.. a yummy piece of layer cake.  The label is accurate, though, i must say.  This wine is fabulous with a small.. if you're trying to downsize.. BIG if you're not.. piece of moist chocolate cake avec dark chocolate frosting.  So.. take this one to the party as a great dessert wine!  And if you love wine and dessert together, this particular kind is yummy with a piece of.. cherry CHEESEcake!  Again with the CHEESE!  Have tried it, and i felt like i was still alive and had gone to Heaven.  No need to think i'd died first, you know.  Highly unnecessary.

Thus ends my first cheese and wine post.  Actually.. now.. just a few words about one of my other loves.  (I have many.)  BOOKS!  Had the good fortune to drop into another place that is paradise.. at least to me.. the local library.  Withdrew 4 books for my evening.. or morning reading pleasure!  I'll list 'em for my own fun.  Feel free to skip over this part if you want..

They are; 'Straight Man' by Richard Russo, 'The Free Life' by Ha Jin, 'The House in Paris' by Elizabeth Bowen', and 'Kinflicks' by Lisa Alther.  The last on the list i read years ago, but want to read it again.  Okay, so this REALLY ends my 4th blog post.  Have a wonderful rest of the week all.. this doesn't mean i won't be back this week.. just sayin'...  :D

Sincerely yours this second day of August, 2011

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