Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

August 1, 2011

48 - This year's BIG number!

Well.. i turned 48 this morning.  Officially, according to my mother, at 3:53 am eastern standard time!  Have to say.. i don't 'feel' 48.  Not sure how that's supposed to feel, though.  Today has been rather ordinary in the grand scheme of things.  Slept in awhile.. but i do that every so often anyway.  Had a wonderful lunch with 3 girlfriends.  That happens too, but not as often as the sleeping in thing.  We all have busy lives, and it's hard to put us all together in the same place at the same time.  Came home.. went for a long walk.. worked in our greenhouse for awhile.  Hot out there, but fun 'work'.  S came home from work a few minutes ago, and we are going out for a nice dinner somewhere soon.  No reservations.. nothing fancy schmancy.. but nice and casual.  But we do that fairly often too, so nothing unusual about that.  But because we're both working on the downsizing thing, we're cutting back on the eating out thing.  Have found that we eat far fewer calories when we eat at home.. but that's a different post.  :)  Even though it's been a rather ordinary birthday; it has been very special indeed.  I love my ordinary life and am grateful for it every day of the week and year!  Have always loved having a summertime birthday!  Think the weather has been sparkly and sunshiny for just about every birthday so far.  And if the weather has been 'bad' in the past.. i've blocked it out i guess.  Or the memory is a victim of what i like to call.. my 'selective amnesia'.  :)  One thing that makes a Monday birthday so great is that Monday is 'Antiques Roadshow' Night!  Alas, i shall save that for another post!  Have had many, many awesome birthday greetings today from family and friends.  Every day is more than ordinary because i have so many beautiful people in my life.  And i have many furry, special friends.  Just so you understand, the humans in my life are beautiful, but not furry!

So this evening, when we get home from dinner; it will be a night like every other.  And that is totally okay with me.  S and i will watch some tv together.  I'll read some from one of my many great books.  I'll cuddle with our little furry buggers, and all will be right with the Universe.  Our Universe, anyway.  Can't tell you how wonderful it is to have such a wonderful life, family and friends, and a feeling of security with everything that is going on in the outside world.  There is a lot to be said for 'ordinariness'!  I don't like to hide from the world, and all of its sometimes sad goings on.  But it IS good to seek shelter from it once in awhile..

Now.. out for a little birthday celebration.. but a celebration big enough to befit this year's BIG number 48!

Sincerely yours on this first day of August, Two Thousand Eleven... M

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  1. Happy birthday again.

    Tomorrow's mission is for me to figure out what you've done here that keeps me and possibly others from commenting with our Blogger accounts.


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