Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

August 15, 2015


                  The summer is absolutely flying by. August half over as of today!  Every single summer, as it nears its end, I think this. If only I could reach out and grab it as it comes like a softball. If only I had a magic glove..  Alas. Time is what it is. It must be savored. Every minute. I hope you are all having a beautiful summertime!  We need rain here. Dry, dry, parched we are. Just a little, quick rhyme to say hello and goodnight.

                                          Why must time pass so very fast?
                                          There is no trick to make it last!
                                          Roses bloom, then the soft petals fall..
                                          Their scent is fleeting, quick.. and no way to stall!
                                          Savor every moment, for soon it will be past!

Love and peace to you all..



  1. Mary, I couldn't agree with you more. It seems like the time is simply flying and I'd fight you for that magic glove if only we could find it! Enjoy the rest!

  2. Nice to see a post from you. : ) Time does move along swiftly but each day brings new possibilities.


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