Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

June 2, 2015


                             Where is lots more time?
                             At bottom of wishing well?
                             In branch of fir tree?

                             Around the next bend?
                             Its elusive hiding place!
                             Tick tock, tick tock tick...

                             What can i leave out?
                             Not my love of reading books..
                             Not my lovely walks!

                             Something has to go!
                             Is there a good time potion..
                             To conjure much more?

                             Search the rabbit hole!
                             Black bunny lives in her hutch!
                             Her name is Wendy..

                                         Is she magic, and maybe has a spell to make more time?  Wendy the time magician's rabbit?  Must find myself a black hat and a magic wand...  Time just flies too quickly.  No magic.  I must appreciate what's real.  Use every moment wisely....  Make the very most of every minute!

                      Lovely lupine....


  1. Lovely words and thoughts. When we were kids sometimes days lagged. Now that there are fewer of them left, they fly. I try to cherish each one.


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