Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

April 8, 2015

Just This..

                  Woke up happy this morning. And I guess I am 'still' happy after a few minutes of sadness.
                            Fed kitties. Takes them a few minutes to eat their breakfast. Tennessee likes to eat a little.     Then drink some. Then go back to his food.

               I have to put his food 'up' every time he drinks so Snickers doesn't eat it. (Sometimes she's childlike and wants what her brother has.)

                             While waiting, I pull up my facebook page. First thing I see is a beautiful, but sad post from Home Free Farm, a farm animal rescue site from Ontario. It's the story of Winnie. A pig who was bred to be someone's dinner. She was loved by the girl she played with when she was a young pig. There is a photo.  Winnie has beautiful, loving eyes. The story tells how she was lured to a ramp, to go on to a truck to, you know...

                                                 Her special girl says goodbye...  I spill a few tears...

                         A few months ago, I decided to go vegetarian/vegan. As I said here, it's a personal decision, and I'll not judge what friends and family eat. The man I've shared my life with for 24 years eats meat, and likely always will. His choice. I love him and always will. I love my friends.

                                    I can only choose for myself.  But there are a couple of 'friends' who became malicious over my personal decision. Made unkind remarks. Posted things on MY page. I don't give a rat's ass what they post on their own. But I've always been picky about who my friends are, and I always will be.  Some will get the ax. On facebook or otherwise. I don't care who they are. I posted something one day about being kind. Not to animals, but just to people in general. One 'friend' commented, well, sometimes that's easier said than done.  And I thought, and please excuse my language, what the fuck is so hard about it?  For that and several other stupid things he/she said, this person is gone, at least from my universe.   Gone and not missed. Troll, troll baby. Just like that Vanilla Ice song from long ago..  Oh wait.. That's Ice, ice baby.  Anyway....

                                                      I'll never understand why some have such a hard time with the choices of others. I have loved animals my whole life, but ate them up until about 8 months ago..

                         Hypocritical of me. I'm the first to admit it. This post is much longer than I intended it to be.

                        Anyway, that story on Facebook was the first thing I saw online this morning. I'm over it now after having written this. But it was difficult to read. I wanted to reach into the photo and hug the sweet piggy.

                               My tears looked extra sparkly when they fell on my iPAD..........


  1. I share your feelings . I don't understand how can some people be so hard with others , only for pleasure . What means freedom, liberty , for those people ?! and respect?..
    That's the bad side of internet . Such people would never dare to do something in real life , they're cowards .
    And about this pig , I'm sad with you . This little animal had trust , had faith , and was killed .. That's an other thing that I don't understand .
    I hope that the fact to have written about it makes you feel a little better .
    Know that you have a REAL friend on the other side of the ocean !

  2. Boy, that would tear me up, too. My dad grew up on a farm and had a story of when he was a boy they had chicken and his dad said "Which one was that?" and his grandmother (who was staying with them at the time when grandma was ill) said "That was Pedro." Also known as dad's pet chicken. Took him a long time to like chicken and I don't think he ever forgot it. Not sure I could go vegan -- but vegetarian, maybe. Either way, it's your choice -- no value judgments either way. In fact, it might be healthier! Don't let them bug you.

  3. it's certainly your choice to go vegetarian and be proud of it! I am a meat eater myself, but love vegetables.

  4. So many people get bent out of shape by other people's choices . . . they need to chillax.

  5. I haven't eaten red meat in over 40 years. My husband hadn't eaten it in 50+ years. He looked younger, much younger than his age. Neither of us has health issues and my allergies are actually better than they were when I was young ..
    Our children grew up not eating red meat but fish or chicken. My son only eats fish now .. so far we are all doing fine.
    There is a farm up the hill from me. The Highland Cattle have babies .. there is nothing cuter than a baby Highland calf. There are lambs too.
    I try really hard not to think that they are eventually slaughtered for someones dinner. but at the same time, I am content with knowing, I am not the one that is eating one of those creatures :)

  6. I don't know why people feel the need to be such asses sometimes. Live and let live. Do your thing and just ax the people that are toxic in your life. You don't need that.

  7. I am so sorry you had to be spoken badly to on your own blog. I know how that feels. A few years ago I had posted an innocent story about my childhood Easters and how we always used to get dressed up in our Easter outfits to go to church. I spoke about how I watch people go to church now in jeans and leisure clothes even on Easter Sunday. Had someone comment that I should be ashamed of myself, that church had much more to do with than the way one dressed and that they would pray for my soul. Me, an ordained minister. LOL!!!
    Not too long ago the priest was talking about how people important it was for people to dress accordingly when they come to church as a sign of respect. Wish I had said that to that woman back then.

    On another note, that's how my Miss Minga always ate...a few bites of food, some water, a short 20 minute rest, then back for more. This would continue until her bowl was empty.

  8. Hi Mary, Thanks for stopping by. I know this has nothing to do with your beautiful heartfelt post, but just wanted to give you a heads up on some happy trivia.
    Miss Fisher series 3 starts early May in Australia so should be heading to the States very soon after.
    Hope this makes your day a bit better.

  9. Hi Mary, hadn't seen you around for a while so came looking for you. This is such a heartfelt post and I'm sorry these people have caused you pain. As you said sometimes it's good to just shed them from your life. I respect and applaud your decision to go vegetarian/vegan. I have tried to cut way back on animal products over the years, I'm not sure if I will make it to be truly vegetarian though. Take care Mary...


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