Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

January 24, 2015

The Pine

                                  Scent of fallen pine..
                                  For animals a new home!
                                  Raise family there.

Have a lovely remainder of this weekend, all.  And i wish you peace.  I'm going low tech for a few days, but i'll be back.  Too much online 'noise' for me lately.  Of course, it's my own fault.  Have to make myself turn off.  Maybe i need a forest walk in the rain?  No devices allowed.  Just the rain, the smells, the trees...

A Springtime scene.  Green grass, mossy fence, and tulips.  I. must. not. rush. time!  I'll be back.. maybe Wednesday or the day before or the day after, or maybe next weekend.  Sometime.  (I don't like to pin myself down.)  :)




  1. Enjoy your break and that walk sounds lovely.

  2. Had exactly the same feeling this week! I need some rest , some break from internet . Let's get for a walk together ! :o)
    Happy week !

  3. 100% understandable, dear Mary. The older I get and longer I'm online, the more I need periods away from the web to unwind, connect with nature and my other passions, and return to the way life was (for the most part) before the web was everywhere in our lives.

    Have a serene, wonderful break, sweet lady!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Enjoy your low-tech time and give sweet Snickers a hug from me!

  5. You are an example to follow! I hope your weekend has been relaxing and energizing--I have a feeling it has been! Take care!!

  6. I was just off line for almost a whole month. I don't miss it at all when I'm on vacation. Costa Rica is better.


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