Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

March 4, 2013

Um.. Gravity! :)

Gravity was on my mind quite a bit today.  Especially this morning as i dressed and groomed to go out for the day.  The thought of the word.. gravity.. and its definition mean many things to me at my advancing age.  But there's one thought that's been first and foremost in my mind recently.  About gravity, that is.  (I think about many things, and my mind has a tendency to wander sorta far!)  But here's the dictionary definition first of all:

Gravity:  The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.  And the degree of intensity of this.

There it is.  Heavy gravity laden sigh.

My thought has been.. well.. its effect on my body.  You know what i mean?  :)  And i think if someone came up with a cure, or a remedy for gravity, (only in certain situations of course, after all, gravity has a purpose,) the Universe would owe him/her an enormous debt of gratitude.  I'm talking about an anti-gravity supplement for those of us over, say, 45.  This supplement.. if taken with an appropriate, healthy amount of cardio exercise/ strength training, would reduce gravity's effect on our mammary glands and our gluteus maximus.  And if that supplement were to contain.. say.. a little chocolate, all the better!  Any thoughts?  Of course this vitamin would have no negative side effects, and there would definitely NOT be any obnoxious television advertisements that list all kinds of negative things about this anti-gravity 'enhancer'.  ie.. 'Don't take this if you have... blah.. blah.. blah.  And maybe this vitamin could lessen the shock to our systems provided by gravity's increasing affect on us.  Because, at least as far as i'm concerned, this sagging and bagging of certain parts of my anatomy has occurred overnight.  In the blink of an eye.  A snap of my fingers.  And i don't like it one bit!  I found this little song on youtube that added some humor to my day.  A song about gravity.  Here goes!


That made me smile.  Just like the thought of a chocolate anti-gravity supplement.  Something has to do the trick for goodness' sake!  I walk and i walk, i do leg lifts, etc.  But my bum is going down.  Just like an escalator.  And it seems to be going at an awfully high rate of speed.  And my breasts, well, they're losing their primness at lightning speed.  Or is the speed of sound faster?  I forget.  No! No more talk of forgetting!  I'm getting sleepy so off i go for now.

Snickers and our other kitties say goodnight for now.  I'll be back soon!  M  :)