Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

March 20, 2015


                               Red tulip perfect..
                               With passion and beauty soft!
                               Bee rests in center..

                                       Mary R.

            You all have a beautiful weekend!


March 13, 2015


                           Sweet puma pawed tux!
                           Dressed for a black tie affair!
                           Green eyes have mischief!

                                    Mary R.

          Have a lovely weekend!  Peace and love to all!


March 12, 2015

Flower Multiplication!

                        Sweet dents de lion!
                        Butter yellow lion heads!
                        Seeds fly after bloom!

                         Mary R.

                Have a fabulous Friday, and peace to all of you!


March 11, 2015

Favorite Show

                      Must keep appearance!
                      Love that Hyacinth Bucket!
                      But Rose is more fun!

 Husband in Seattle all week at conference, and i've been watching Keeping Up Appearances on Netflix.  Love everything about this show.  I have seen every episode many times, but for me, this show never gets old.  :)  The waterside supper with riparian entertainment is hilarious every time i see it.

     Hope you all have a lovely Thursday!  Peace!


March 10, 2015


                              Fine point on paper..
                              White lined moleskine journal still..
                              Better than to type!

We have blossoms and daffodils and hyacinths!  Spring has officially, (well, not on the calendar quite yet,) arrived!  But we need rain.  We really do.  :)

  Love and peace to you this Tuesday evening.  I'll be back, maybe sooner next time!


March 3, 2015

Stuff From 3/3/15

                            Just a few random things of no particular importance from my day. First of all, I can't believe it's already March 3rd!  Wasn't Christmas last week?  :) I had, (and still have,) a long list of things I wanted (want) to do in the first 6 months of '15.  Waaaaay behind on my reading goal.. And my weight loss goal.. and my keep-in-touch-with-people letter writing goal, and.. and.. and... As usual, online is a huge distraction for me. I said I was going to nip that in the bud. Set time limits. Well, I've set the time limits, but I'm rebelling against them. No surprise to those who know me well. If I can procrastinate something, I will totally do it!  And yes, I can even procrastinate in procrastinating. I've made a little progress in my battle with the procrastination monster, but I need to make more.

                        As for my reading goal of 36 books this year, I've read only 3 so far. I have a long way to go!  Thing is, I have such a wonderful home library, that it's hard to choose what to read at any given time. And the actual library is one of my favorite places ever!  I go there 2 or 3 times a week. I'm forever returning books, borrowing more, and donating books of my own that I either start and don't like, that have been in my bookshelves 'forever', and I know I'll never read, or books I've read that I don't want to read again and therefore don't need to keep!  Plus, there's the fact that I can't seem to borrow just 2 or 3 at a time. It has to be at least a half a dozen. It really IS ridiculous. There's the fact, too, that there's so much wonderful stuff to read on the interwebz!  As you know, there's a whole Universe of delicious reading goodies. Must. focus. Must!  Lol. Of course, then there's the fact that to read, and be online.. I sit. On my arse. It will be jam pretty soon if I don't get OFF it!  (I can't blame gravity for all my woes, now can I?) it IS a law and all, but I could be doing much more to reduce its effects!

                     And what's another thing that's become an enormous distraction over these winter months?  Ah yes. NETFLIX!  And Acorn. Acorn. That little squirrelly nut in the form of awesome British TV show brought directly into my home for my viewing pleasure!  I love the British TV!  When it was 'just' Downton Abbey Sunday nights on PBS, I was 'safe'. But now there's Time Team, Midsommer Murders, Vera, Inspector Morse, Republic of Doyle (Canadian,) Miss Fisher Mysteries (Australian,) Doc Martin!  Shall I go on?  No!  I've talked long enough. I am solely responsible for my lack of action. My jelly arse laziness. My (almost) complete failure to meet my goals. I feel better already talking about it here. Confession is good for the soul, after all!  Thank you so much for your patience.. for listening to md drone on. Drooooooooone!  I swear, my next blogpost will be filled with thrills!  Well, maybe not. But I'll try to give it more plot. Maybe a little less 'character development'.  Snort.

                     Until then, I wish you all a wonderful Hump Day!  Sending peace!  I'll return!