Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

February 25, 2015

Nova Haiku

                                 Science-y shows rock!
                                 Love a great documentary!

                                     Mary R.

This has been an excellent month for new PBS shows, and Nova is a super favorite!  I always make popcorn when i watch.  Always.  Some people like movies.  Like, oh i don't know.. Star Wars.  I love me a great documentary.  I eat it up with a spoon to get every drop!

    You all have an excellent day tomorrow..  Peace, and i'll be back soon..


February 23, 2015


                                   Will summer arrive if i close my eyes and count to 10??
                                Will i lose 20 pounds if only i close my eyes and visualize?
                                    Will i shrink some if only i take a super long shower?

                                         If i eat that big piece of cake.. (chocolate of course,)
                                    Will it enhance the gravity in my breasts, not add weight to my thighs?
                                         How about if i listen to some fast tempo swing music instead
                                    of my beloved 'slow' classical music..  will time go faster?

                         Of course i know the answer to all these questions.  It's the same answer.. a resounding NO!

                              But i'm okay with that.  All is as it should be.  Because time, (and excess weight) go as they should.  In their own way.  Well, time anyway.  The weight thing takes more time and effort on my part.  But i can help it along a little!  And i'm trying!  :)  And i have another question while i'm here.  Why does gravity have to be a law??  Dang it!  Because if there's one law i could break.. it sure is that one!

                          I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!  Peace, and i'll be back soon!


February 20, 2015


                                    Pink, soft and springtime..
                                    Each petal sings joyfully!
                                    All in harmony!

                                       Mary R.

                     Have a splendid weekend, all!

February 19, 2015


                        Bee on daffodil..
                        Doing his splendid, good work.
                        I named him Stuart..

Have a lovely Friday, all!


February 16, 2015


                            Smooth, rich, love, comfort..
                            Melt in my mouth loveliness!
                            Fave dark with almonds!

Have a great Tuesday, all!  Peace!


February 15, 2015


                                One step then one more!
                                The next corner i round fast..
                                Clear cobwebs from brain!

                                Movement important!
                                Unless i want butt of jam!
                                No Jello arse here!

                                Round to the next block..
                                To look straight ahead.. not down!
                                Miles before next sit!

                                Hip pain dissolves quick..
                                Late winter scents fill my sense!
                                Humans meant to move!

No scent of these lovelies quite yet!  But i can sense their softness to touch, and their beautiful smell in my wintertime imaginings!  I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back..


February 2, 2015

Leafless and Resting

                             Oak takes winter's nap!
                             Branches await friends' return..
                             Leaves wait patiently!

                                 Mary R.

I hope you're all comfy and warm as you await spring's arrival.  We have had unusually warm, sunny weather for Oregon this time of year.  I'm loving the beautiful days, but really, we need the rain.  This makes me wonder what our summertime will be like?

The vivid azure and white swirls of an Oregon summer sky!  I'll be back soon, and have a beautiful Tuesday...