Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

September 30, 2013

Duke, Tammy.. and Marilee the Skunk


In some brush in the forest lives skunk Marilee..
She protects Duke and Tammy from nasty Agent Snee!
Marilee knows Ostrich Odette..
They met at their vet!
Unlike Badger Lee, Marilee has a sturdy right knee!

Marilee likes the occasional martini..
She also loves some Paganini!
She loves books like Odette..
But has never flown on a jet!
Marilee is sweet; hardly a stinky meanie!

It was Odette who introduced Marilee to Tammy and Duke Larry..
Now she's also friends with Tammy's sister Sherri!
They all get along..
And sing a lovely friendship song!
They know of Agent Snee they all must be wary!

Soon Duke and Tammy will return home from Dallas!
And toward Agent Snee, they truly have no malice..
But Snee isn't nice..
So Duke and all think twice..
And toward Marilee, Snee's especially callous!

Marilee's such a sweet skunk..
But she thinks Snee's a real punk!
So at him she'll squirt..
And hope he lands in the dirt!
So into the tomato juice, his head he'll dunk!

        Mary R.

Well that's it for Part I'm not Sure.  :)  Just a photo of Marilee's hiding place before i go for the night!

See those bushes?  That's our sweet skunk's home.  :)  Have a wonderful Tuesday all, and peace!  I'll be back soon..


September 16, 2013

Duke and Tammy Are Still On the Lammy!

On the Run!

Duke Larry and his Tammy are still on the lammy!
They 'hopped' a plane, and found themselves in Miami..
They love the food!
And they're in a vacation mood..
But if Snee shows up, they'll surely have to scrammy!

They've been a little homesick..
And want to go home right quick!
But Snee's on their trail..
It's all getting a little stale..
Duke and Tammy think they're lucky that Snee's such a hick!

In the meantime Badger Lee and Ava are at home by the lake..
And Lee's new wife makes him lots of pies and cake!
Lee has a healed knee because of his friend, Duke Larry!
Now Duke is helping another friend, Bobcat Gerry!
Duke Larry uses his fortune for his many friends' sake!

Duke Larry is a hero to many, but not to Officer Snee!
Snee will never find the fortune buried beneath the tree..
The money is saved for good
And spent when it's good for the 'hood!
Duke is a wonderful friend, and will always be loyal to Lee!

Mary R.

Cranberry and white beauty!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.  I'll be back soon...