Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

August 26, 2013

Friendship Badger/Snail Style!

Badger Love and Honeymoon..  :)

On their Fargo trip, Lee and Ava Badger have gone..
They've avoided Snee, but now must run from Officer Ron!
Fargo is fairly flat!
Oregon's not at all like that!
But they're staying at a place where they can dance 'til dawn!

They're waiting for their friends, Tammy and Duke Larry..
T and D have been in Philly where they've been quite wary!
It's time to head home..
To their sweet cabin-dome!
So when Lee and Ava are done honeymooning they will not tarry!

Badger Lee and sweet Badger Ava will dance in the moonlight..
Then start the long walk home in a week, when the time is right!
But Duke and Tammy will fly..
The time is drawing nigh..
Their forest home in Oregon will be a wonderful sight!

Their fortune is safely under the big Douglas Fir!
Badger Lee dug a deep hole, that's for sure!
Badgers are awesome diggers..
Not bothered by pesky chiggers..
And all four are clever at hiding.. so won't be found by Snee's lure!

It's almost time for a fun double date!
Duke, Tammy, Badger Lee and Lee's new mate!
Spinach salad and steak dinner..
So sure to be a winner!
And some twirling on the dance floor for all four.. until it's very late!

Mary R.

And a sweet bouquet of lovely pink rhododendron before i say bye for now.  Have a wonderful Tuesday, and i'll be back!


August 24, 2013

Big Badger Lee Takes a Wife!

A Badger and His Bride

On a gorgeous day in hot, sunny August..
Badger Lee said to his girl.. today it's marriage or bust!
She wore red roses on her head..
Because to a wedding, a badger can wear red..
They said their vows and left Agent Snee in their dust!

His beautiful bride is named Ava Elaine..
She changed her name from Selma Jane!
Ava loves to bake..
Sweet pies, but not cake!
Low fat and low calorie, so weight Lee won't gain!

Big Lee and his lady are honeymooning in Fargo..
They're saving their cash so didn't go to Key Largo!
It's quite a long walk..
But they love to talk!
And Lee wants to avoid his pain of an ex.. Badger Margo..

In Fargo they'll meet up with Duke Larry and Tammy..
Who've stayed ten days in Philly while still on the lammy!  *
Snee's still clueless..
Plus now he's shoeless
He's on the verge of being fired, so he's in a real jammy!  *

     Mary R.

             * = poetic license because i can!  :)

And just this before i go...

Reminiscing about Springtime and the lovely yellow, sweetly scented Freesia.  Have a wonderful Sunday, and i'll be back as always...


August 20, 2013

Two Snails and a Big Badger

A Short Tail.. ahem..Tale

In his friends' absence.. Big Badger Lee holds down the fort!
He watches their small cabin, which for him is way too short..
It's built for two snails,
And with wood joints; not nails!
Badger Lee he likes to build, not for work, but for sport!  :)

Duke Larry and Tammy are hiding out in Philly!
But they make solid plans, and don't go willy nilly..
They love their steak and cheese!
Unlike Lee, they have no knees..
While Agent Snee looks in wrong places, 'cause he's so darn silly..

Badger Lee's bum knee is great and good as new!
He no longer has to limp, so for him it's do do do!
But he likes to put his feet up..
And drink a beer with his supp..
He loves to cook, plus he puts Guinness in his stew!

He misses Tammy.. she's a good friend and likes to bake!
She makes every kind of pie, pastry and super delicious cake!
He also misses Duke Larry..
Perhaps he needs a pretty badger to marry?
Then he can build he and his sweetheart a log cabin by the lake!

Mary R.

I love these roses!  I don't see this color very often.  They're fresh and crisp, yet soft and lovely at the same time!  Have a great Wednesday, and i'll be back...


August 3, 2013

Duke and Tammy, Part the Third!

Hideout By the Lake

D and T have found a  miniature safe house!
Too small for a cat, but large enough for a mouse.
They've plenty of room..
To stay safe from doom!
Agent Snee is such a super big louse..

Their new hideout's by Grand Sing-a-Tune Lake..
It's covered with great, and sturdy cedar shake!
They're safe and sound..
And won't be found!
By a crooked FBI Agent Snee on the make!

D and T have a car.. and they have a canoe..
Their cabin has indoor plumbing, no outside loo!
Tammy can drive..
Duke can dive!
They can sit on the shore and enjoy the sweet morning dew!

They skinny dip to the light of the big Pink Moon!
And hope the cops don't find them out soon..
They're not bad snails..
Not at all off the rails!
They've paid others' bills since the hot month of June!

Their lottery winnings stashed under the tall fir tree!
In a hole dug by their friend, Big badger Lee..
They took a bill from his box
And they paid for his socks
Now Lee can stay warm and fix his bum badger knee!

Thus ends Part 3 of Duke Larry and Tammy's story!  More soon.  It's a continuing story after all.  Wait.. isn't that a soap opera??  :)  Almost time for me to take off.  But first.. and this is how it always goes:

I've no idea what this is.  I saw it at the market the other day, and just thought it was cool!  Anyone have an idea?  Anyway, have a beautiful Sunday, and i'll be back soon.  M

August 1, 2013

Further Tales of Duke and Tammy.. Five Verses!

So here we are again.  Just about fabulous Friday, and i'm joining Nancy Claeys at her beautiful blog 'A Rural Journal' for her fun meme Random 5 Friday.  It's where we can share 5 random facts about our week, our families, ourselves, our pets.. anything we want!  It can be found here:


This week, i'm doing a random rhyme about my characters.. those mail stealing on the run snails, Duke Larry and Tammy.  :)  In five verses of course.  I hope you enjoy it!

Duke and Tammy on the Lammy Part II  :)

Sweet Tammy now has her license to drive!
So she and Duke won't have to hide out in a dive..
They can get away faster!
And not court disaster..
Agent Snee won't find them, and they'll stay alive!

Until now, they've sought safety in a field of wheat..
But there it's rather dry, and not very sweet.
Snails like it wet..
Plus water's where they met..
A tiny house by a pond really can't be beat!

FBI Agent Rob Snee is tracking them down!
Now that Tammy can drive, they're fast out of town!
Snee looks everywhere..
But he tears out his hair..  :)
And so sadly, all he can do is frown!

Duke and Tammy steal snail bills and pay them off!
They don't steal identities as they hear Snee scoff..
He thinks it's a crime..
And they're covered in slime
Plus Snee's trying to please his Big Boss 'The Hoff'!

I admit i'm rooting for Tammy and Duke Larry!
To me, neither of them is one bit scary!
She has a good heart..
He's good and he's smart!
And they get lots of help from her sister Sherri!

Mary R.

So there it is.  The next installment to come soon.  Have a great weekend, and i'll be back soon.  But first, of course..

I can't get enough of the lovely roses!  Happy Friday, all!