Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

June 18, 2013

Of Ostriches, Sand and a Cat Named Josephine.. :)

Oh yeah.. a couple of months ago
I started.. watching 'news' again.
Why?  You might ask.. because i felt
Out of it.. clueless.  As an educated human, i
Prefer open doors to
Closed.  Sunlight to dank dark.  Wedgewood blue
Sky to the charcoal gray.  That is for grilling.  :)
I love uplift over
Down draft.  The warm sand?  Where's the warm sand?
Asks my alter ego.. Odette the Ostrich.  In my head goes,
But not too deep.  Just enough to cover my
Ostrich-y ears!  There's just too much bad.
An abundance of toxic scrap.  So under i go for
Another maybe middle sized break.

Where's my sweet friend, Josephine?  My amber eyed
Calico friend..  She helps me out of the sand.. brings me
Out of my snug shell.  :)  My hiking, sky-diving, dancing kitty
Friend.  We've hiked many a trail together, but i've yet
to go the sky-dive route.  She's pretty persuasive, my Jo best buddy
Cat.  We've shared oodles of long talks on walks in the woods.
Among the firs, the spruce, and the huge sequoia arms
And limbs.  She and i understand their whispers.  Their secrets.
Heed their sound advice.  Nature is wise medicine.  Better than TV.
Music!  The classical!  The blues!  Jo and i share those too.

So i guess my head doesn't need to go under, though
At times, we ostriches like to dig down.  There's plenty of
Fun to be had with good friends and good times!
And psst.. i'll tell you a little secret.  We must keep it to
Ourselves.  Sometimes this ostrich and this kitty enjoy
A little sip and nip of some red wine and cheese.
Just for fun.  You won't tell right?  You see, we are special
feline and bird.  We travel and have hobbies together
Unlike other kitties and birds.  So there!  Sometimes those
Who are different can get along!  What do you think
Of that??

Phew.  Well time for bed for this human.  :)

And just a little something more..  Odette, Josephine, and i, Mary, share a great love for flowers of all kinds!

Goodnight.  I'll be back soon..  M

June 15, 2013

Summertime Joy

Golden sunshine, delicious
Warmth on my arms and
My face.  Kitties nap bellies up exposed to happy pools
Made by the buttery, sweet yellow orb.
Love putting my hands on their lovely,
Soft bodies.  Hi sweeties.. isn't summer
Marvelous?  :)  Yes.  Yes it is!  They say with
Their wonderful feline eyes!

Froggies shout their eagerness..
Sing us to sleep on glorious windows-open
Nights.  I love the heat and the evening breeze whispering its
Tales to me as i drift away.  The stars tell stories too.
Vivid poems of their adventures lighting
The world.  Love stories a gazillion years old!  How the
Stars adored Van Gogh and understood him
As no one on Earth.  Beautiful citrine and saffron colored flowers
Tilting in the summertime breeze.  They nod goodnight as we
Drift to sleepy peace.. and dreams of tomorrow's
Adventures.  Wherever our imaginations carry us.

Garden faeries in their gem colored gowns
Float among the big trees ringing their tiny bells
Of summer.  We celebrate our fathers.  Our mothers.
Our independence!  Our love for friends and neighbors
At merry outdoor parties.  Barefoot, and ouch on that hot top!
LOL.  My toenails done in sunflower yellow.  Kids out of school.  Freedom!
Careful all!  It'll pass before we know it.  Must grasp time quickly!  Seize
The sunshine.  Sip the wine.  Drink the sweet tea.  Share the love.
Never wish time away.  It passes in its own way....We must be
Vigilant, or it will disappear like a bunny back into a hat.

Well, all.. have a wonderful Sunday!  The Solstice is drawing near!

I'll be back soon.  M