Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

February 27, 2013

Brain Jumble.. or My Mind is Like a Crossword Puzzle!

How do i shorten this post title?  I have no answer to that.  All day long i thought it was Thursday.  Five Across.. what day of the week starts with 'W' and is called Hump Day?  What day.. mixed up.. is Dewesnady?  My brain has been this way all day long.  Since i woke up at 6:30 am.  And it's not as if i had a lazy day.  I didn't.  I had a good, strong five mile walk this morning.  I volunteered for four hours this afternoon.  (I volunteer at a local Portland hospital.)  I love it.  :)  I went book and magazine shopping afterward.  I had no problem making a decision about which books and mags i wanted!  (I never do.)  Books are my bag.  On my walk, my mind was everywhere.  And i was fine this pm, until the second i opened the exit door and walked to my car in the hospital parking garage.  I again lost all focus.  I meant to call my mother and mother in law.  I forgot about 'em!  But it will be our secret.  I can't let either of them know that.  I also forgot to fill my car with gas on the way home.  Luckily the little light isn't on.  But this must be the first errand i run tomorrow morning.  After a long walk to (hopefully) clear the cobwebs.  Eight across.. what's that stuff you put in your car that makes it run?  I'm going to try Sudoku, and get a few crossword puzzles to work on while S is in Tokyo.  They're supposed to help sharpen one's mind, right?  So many times in the last couple of weeks, a word has been on the tip of my tongue, and all of a sudden someone will ask me, and i draw a big blank!  I think, what is his her name again?  It begins with an 'L'.  Yes.. it's L something.  Or was that G?  Yeesh!  So that was my day.  Hot flash free, and no anxiety, but lots of mind jumbles.  Annoying.  I'm determined to get a fabulous night's sleep tonight, and tomorrow i shall remember everything!  My mind will be a glorious font of knowledge.  And if you believe that, i've a bridge in.. let me see.. what was that place again?  Fargo.  Yes, a bridge in Fargo to sell you!  :D

Well, i have another hour or so before i head to bed for that great night's sleep!  Replenish my mind's connections.. or something.  :)

I love duckies!  Why did the ducks cross the road?  I've no idea, but i'll bet they remember!  lol  I'll be back soon.  M

February 19, 2013

Kitty Sweetness!

Good evening, all.  For today, just this...

'What greater gift than the love of a cat?'--- Charles Dickens


Shh.. Snickers thinks i can't see her.  lol.

Sweet, soulful Otis..

Wonderful Tortie!  Sweetheart.

And adorable, always dressed to the nines, Tennessee!  Check out those whiskers!

Have a wonderful evening and Wednesday everyone!  I'll be back soon.. M