Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 12, 2012

Felines of the Torre Argentina..

I came across an interesting piece today as i looked over Archaeological News.  These are brief bits of news that appear in Archaeology Magazine online.  They come from sources like Discovery News, Scientist Magazine, etc.  I love this stuff!  Like licking the frosting bowl after icing a yummy cake.  Chocolate frosting, or peanut butter anyone?  :)  Anyway.. this article includes interesting information about a Roman dilemma involving cats!  It appeared in the November 7th edition of the New York Times in the Europe section.  'Strays Among Rome Ruins Set Off a Culture Clash.  Fascinating subject.  Ancient Roman History, artifacts and preserved archaeological sites and how this all affects felines and vice versa.  There is a homeless cat shelter above the site where Brutus is thought to have stabbed Caesar in 44 BC!  The felines are being threatened with eviction because they are compromising a vitally important location.  And the 'Gattare', the Roman cat ladies, don't like it one bit.  Felines are as much a part of Rome, and have been around Rome, as long as these ancient ruins.   I am a confessed 'cat lady' myself!  I love archaeology, but i love cats a lot more.  I'll post the article here so you can have a look...


I find that fascinating.  And i'll bet evicting the kitties IS a sensitive subject.  And i agree, the cats will return if they're relocated.  A feline is a territorial creature.  I hope a solution can be found to both help preserve this important ancient historic site and continue to aid all the cats who need the help.  I admit that as much as i adore ancient history, and think that these sites should be preserved and explored, and the findings recorded for posterity, i reside on the side of the kitties!  History is of vital importance to us as human beings.  We want and need to know where we came from and about ancient customs and cultures.  But cats are also an important part of Roman history, and they're living, breathing beings in the present.  Alas, i'm not a resident of Rome.  I'm an American cat lady.  :D  Another thing i want to share with you here is a post from a blog i found called, 'A Passport For Hercules.'  It's a great post!  It tells so much about the history of cats in Rome and their importance in daily life there for centuries.  Here it is..


So next Monday's post will the a post about archaeology per se.  This one is about that in sort of a roundabout way.  I just found this intriguing and wanted to share.  When the study of archaeology comes to mind i don't automatically think.. cats!  But from now on, i'll think a little about the kitties at the Forum, etc when i think of Rome the City.

Speaking of cats, our four are vocally seeking my attention!  I'll take that as a hint to sign off.  But of course..

Our Tennessee, who was a feral stray before we became his.  :)  Love him and our other three kitties!  I'll be back soon.  M