Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

October 12, 2012

It's All In Perception..

It's raining out there!  It's been raining all day.  First day of rain in ages.  That's not a complaint; i love the rain.  Today.  But if we have no sunshine until Thanksgiving, i'll begin to dislike it a little.  The leaves are just starting to turn in places.  It's odd, because some of the trees in our neighborhood have completely changed into their brightly colored autumn outfits.  However, two streets over, they've only changed a little.  Like on those days in early fall when we don't know how to dress to go out in the morning.  A short sleeved blouse because it'll warm up later on.  A turtleneck sweater to stave off morning chill, but definitely a cotton one.. not a wool one?  Because the wool will be too hot as the day wears on.  Maybe a light jacket because it might rain?  You know what i mean.  Anyway, the rain has been restful and relaxing this afternoon and evening.  I feel cozy with S and our four kitties.  I love the sound of rain on our roof.  Yes, there are times when i like pouring rain, and times when i enjoy it not-so-much.  I had this quote on mind off and on today...

     'There is no truth.  There is only perception.' ---  Gustave Flaubert

I find i agree with that statement most of the time.  So many things are subjective, and often, one person's truth is not the same as another's.  It's true with fine art, with music, with writings, and especially i've noticed in the last few months; it's true in politics.  Now this is not a political post.  I've said i won't write posts like that here on bloggie anymore.  :)  I'll not advocate for one side or one party, or one candidate over another.  I was just thinking how different our political beliefs are.  And we vote for one candidate and not another for such a variety of reasons.  There's endless analysis over who won a certain debate.. when.. really.. these things are subjective.  I want to think my candidate won.  But lately, there's so much animosity in the political world, i've had to detach myself.  And though i don't understand the views of  'the other side', i respect others' right to have views that differ from mine.  It's all in perception.  Oh i still roll my eyes and shake my head and think to myself, how can a person THINK that way?  He/she must not know the facts.  Or the truth.  But what is the truth, truly?  lol.  So i've let it all go.  I'll vote for whom i choose, then it'll be over.  And even if 'my' candidate loses, the truth is, the world will be fine.  Well maybe not fine.  But it won't be any worse just because my side lost.  See what i mean?  My perception of the glass is that it's half full.  Not half empty.  I love classical music because it speaks to me.  Others love classic rock and roll because it strikes a particular chord in them.  I would rather watch National Geographic Channel than Dancing with the Stars.  It's all good.  I'd rather watch Antiques Roadshow, and a couple of friends of mine would rather watch Hawaii 5-O.  Or Hawaii 5-0?  I'm not sure.  lol again.  That's what i mean by perception.  And it's one of the things that makes our world such a fun, fascinating place.  I mean if we all agreed, and had the same perceptions of all things all the time, how absolutely deadly dull would that be?

So it's movie time for S and me this Friday night.  It'll be a Hitchcock, but we haven't made a certain choice yet.  We'll see.  Our perceptions of which one we want are different!  :)  How about that? And speaking of how we perceive things...

What do you perceive Tennessee is thinking in this photo?  He seems to be scowling at me.  Hmm...

Goodnight now.. i'll be back soon.  M