Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

August 25, 2012

Cooler Temps, and a Cool Archaeological Find!

Yay!  The temperature has dropped about twenty degrees since i wrote here last!  And i adore this weather.  Autumn is definitely in the air.  Its delicious, crisp scent is out there.  I'm not sure if i'm ready for summer to end, but fall doesn't need my permission to arrive.. now does it?  :)  Really.. i suppose i might be jumping the gun a little.  It IS still August, and the temperature could be back to the high eighties tomorrow!  Oooo, perish the thought!  I love summertime, but i prefer the temperature to be around 72.  With clear blue sky.  None of that white, humid sky.  And a gentle breeze to whisper through the Douglas Firs.  Cool enough to make air conditioning unnecessary, and for our windows to be left open for lovely fresh air to make its way through our home.  I don't ask for much.  Just a little perfection is all.  LOL.  Though i try to be satisfied always, and find something positive in all things.  Well, maybe not all things.  This past week, i became too wrapped up in all the negative, toxic goings on in our political world.  I found myself needing another break.  I don't want to get into it here; though one day pretty soon, i might feel it necessary to talk about it.  Just to get a little excess stuff of my chest.  I found myself changing the TV channel to Spongebob Squarepants more than once.  He's positive ALL the time, that Spongebob!  Yes indeed he is.  He laughs at everything.  And his laughter is contagious.  I still don't get the pineapple under the sea thing, but that's okay.  It's a cartoon for goodness' sake!  :)  And i got back into my meditation routine, which had been, shall i say, lacking some in the last few weeks.  Now i remember why i practice in the first place.  And the cooler temps made it more comfortable to do it outdoors.  Love the feeling of peace i have.  The breeze rustling through the trees, the water falling in the pond.  Happiness.  I also, as much as i love my Atlantic and Harper's magazines, had to close them for a couple of days and turn to Vogue, (the September issue!)  :D and Vanity Fair.  This month's issue of VF has Princess Kate Middleton on the cover.  I know that's not her official title, but you know who i mean.  But i'll save my love of those two glossies for another post.  A post all its own!  So i guess i had a little cooling off period this week in more ways than one.  And today is a lovely, cooler day also.  Temp is around 73.  Now that's close to perfection!

Anyway, one thing i love to read, no matter what's going on in the political environment, and regardless of the outdoor temperature, is my Archaeology Magazine.  I learn so many cool things about the (way back) history of our world!  I found this one article that i thought you might enjoy, so i decided to share.  Actually i found many i want to share, but the others can wait for their own entries here!  This article is from the mag ScienceNow, and i found it in the online news section of Archaeology Magazine.  It's about remnants of a black drink that were found in some ancient 'cups' around the location of the ancient American city of Cahokia.  Phew.  This city was located not far from what is now St. Louis, MO.  Were these remnants some kind of cacao drink or some kind of black ritual tea?  Well, tests and experiments were done, and you can read about them here.  Fascinating.  (And the article is short, but full of fun and interesting info.)  :)  I eat this stuff up with a spoon, just like hot fudge sauce off a hot fudge sundae.  Articles like this just make me want more knowledge of our human history and prehistory!  Here it is..


It's getting to be Saturday evening, and a lovely evening it is.  The light is just sparkling out there!  So, offline i go for now.  But of course, first...

Yes.  We have gorgeous, beautifully scented roses this late in the summer!  Bye for now.  I'll be back sooner this time around.  M