Life Is! ...

Life Is! ...

September 30, 2014

Gone. Just For Awhile... :)

                  Okay, so I'm going to do it. And I'm saying it here to keep myself honest. No cheating. I despise cheating anyway. Any victory is completely devoid of meaning if one cheats!  I'm making a vow to go device-less for 48 hours beginning at 9am tomorrow, October 1, Pacific Time. No laptop. No cell phone, (not even to take photos,) and no iPad!  It will not be easy. I'm an addict. I admit it. I'm Mary R. And I am a... what to call it... ? An online, techie device addict. Oh I've trie many times to set time limits. Tried to stay off blog or facebook or Google or whatever for a day or so. But I NEVER make it. Ever.  If I 'go on' to one site or another, I go down a well. And I look up at a clock, whatever clock is around, and I think, where did THAT hour go??  It's ridiculous. So.. cold turkey is the only way to go for me. Not permanently going, but if I can make it the 48 hours, that will be a start. Then I'll know I can quit anytime I want. :). Well, you know what I mean, right?

So this means no blog, no facebook, (one of my 'deepest wells',) no Google, no YouTube videos, no Netflix, and no cell.. unless I get a flat tire somewhere.  Pay phones no longer exist, do they?  Yup. Cold turkey. Freezing cold. That turkey's gotta be stone cold frozen solid.. like a Thanksgiving turkey that takes DAYS to thaw.  It's how my Dad quit smoking his pipe for over 35 years. He woke up Fourth of July morning 1996, the year he retired, and told my mother he wasn't going to smoke anymore. And he hasn't. Not a single time. Hopefully I inherited a little of that stubborn determination. (My mother says I did, lol). We'll see!  Forty-eight hours, maybe a few more. And I just might find out it's fun. Might even decide to take a few says 'off' every month.  But wait!  I don't want to get ahead of myself. First things first!  :)

This is going to stick. I can feel it in my 51 year old joints. You heard it here. Today I thought of how much fitter I would be if I spent all the time I spent online exercising. I .. ahem.. wouldn't worry about my jeans shrinking in the dryer. Or something...  In a couple of days, I'll report back and tell you how I did. Total honesty. I must admit it if I falter.

            So, goodnight and peace to all. Wish me luck!


September 27, 2014

A Couple of Things I Question..

             This is not going to be a rant, exactly, but i have a couple of things i want to get off my chest.  I will; however, be as polite as i can, though these circumstances make me unhappy.  A little hurt, maybe.  But mostly angry.  It has to do with facebook.  For the last four years, i've chosen to be there.  I saw it as a way to keep in touch with those i went to high school with.  Childhood friends and acquaintances.  About 3 months ago, i mentioned on facebook in a 'status' that i was planning to begin a vegetarian/vegan diet.  And i've done it, for the most part.  A gradual process.  I just decided that i couldn't compartmentalize my thinking anymore.  I mentioned it here on blog.  But i also made clear that i was not going to be judgmental.  People, and this goes without saying, have every right to eat what they want.  I also 'liked' a page on facebook.  Esther the Wonder Pig.  She's sort of a celebrity.. she's appeared on the Ellen show and has a facebook page, a twitter account, and many adorable videos on Youtube!  Her people, Steve and Derek live outside Toronto, and they adopted her from a friend when she was young.  She was supposed to be a mini-pig, but they took her to a vet, and he told them that she was bred to be someone's dinner.  Steve and Derek became vegan because they found they no longer had the heart to eat animal products.  They've turned the experience into an educational one where they post wonderful photos of Esther so people can see her personality and see how smart she is.  And that she feels love and affection.  I love her photos.  In fact, her site is one of the only reasons i've stayed on facebook for the last 3 months.  I'm thinking seriously about 'leaving' it.

                   Here's why..  because it seems that so many people on my page have fallen in love with bacon.  With eating it.  Talking about it.  Taking photos of their bacon and posting it.  Maybe they've always liked it?  But it's odd.  They never seemed to love it so much before i posted about my diet.  As i've said, what humans choose to eat is their own business.  It's just a feeling i have, maybe.  A feeling that these friends are rubbing my face in my lifestyle change.  Ha!  We LOVE bacon and we're going to eat as much as we want of it.  To which i respond, (in my own mind, that is,) eat all you want of it.  I don't care if you choke and it clogs your arteries to Kingdom Come.  (Okay, so that might be bad for my karma.)  :)  It's not so much the photos, but the attitude that seems to lie behind them.  Childish. Passive aggressive.  Not something a real friend would do.  Anymore than if a friend on facebook announced his/her intention of giving up desserts. i would post a huge photo of a piece of chocolate cake, or an enormous piece of pie and say, (in a sort of six year oldish way..  Look at THIS.  I am going to eat it!   See everybody.  I will NEVER give it up!)  I really think i'd need to grow the heck up!  And that's how i've come to feel about facebook.  Its artifice.  The 'friend' factor.  Tired of it.  Oh i have quite a few genuine friends on facebook.  And there are many good things about it.

                     Another thing that bothers me about facebook, and this is personal also, is all the photos that are going to be coming up related to hunting.  It's getting to be that season.  Hunting is not something i could ever do, but i realize many people enjoy it.  Somehow the idea of killing for 'sport' escapes me.  Then people feel the need to post photos of themselves with their trophies.  'Look what i did!'  And as i said.. this is only my opinion.  My feeling is that this is my blog, and it's perfectly fine for me to say these things.  I won't post such things on facebook.  To each his/her own.  I guess that's what makes life so fascinating.  All of our differences.  Just wanted to get some stuff off my chest.  So here it is!  Feel free to leave comments as long as you're polite.  (Though i admit i'll delete any pics of bacon, ham or sausage, etc.)  lol.

              This all being said.. i truly do wish you all a wonderful rest of the weekend!  And i wish you all peace, no matter what you choose to eat, or whether you like to hunt or not.  I'm pretty certain i've done many things in my life of which many people would not necessarily approve.



September 2, 2014

The Scattered Post

                        The world is falling apart. More than usual?  Violence in Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan. But I can sit in my lovely, sunny, peaceful yard.  Grateful beyond words.  Books to read. People who love me, and to whom I'm devoted in return. Husband and I have shelter. Plenty of food at our table.  Good health. (Knock on wood.) anything can happen at any time. Any time at all. Is it okay to be content when so many others are not?   I don't want to make things about me and what I have.  Mindful of every minute. Every chin rascal I give one of our kitties. Sometimes I think they understand things that we humans do not. Hunger. I've never experienced true hunger. Never wondered where my next meal will come from....

                   It's the little things. Frogs sing us to sleep nights. The crickets. Soft, wonderfully furry felines. We want them to feel secure, so we keep them in. Headbutts and cuddles. So thankful for animal love. People say it's a small world. Tonight it feels enormous. If we all were truly connected to one another, would there be so much unrest? I know, wrong word, but can't think of the appropriate one.  Another beheading of a journalist today. I watch TV with husband, hold sweet cat on my lap. What's wrong with this picture?

August 30, 2014

Summer Passes..

                               A sigh for summer's passing..
                               Rose petals lightly falling..
                               Wispy clouds bring autumn cool..


August 15, 2014

So Here's the Thing...

           I turned 51 on the first of this month.  But i don't feel any different than i did on July 31st, for the most part.  Or any different than i felt when i turned 30.  Except for a few cracking joints in the am when i get up out of bed, my body feels pretty much the same.  (Maybe i'm just delusional about that?  lol)  But my mind.. well.. my mind has changed A LOT.  About many things!  Just in the last year or so.  And i've changed my mind about some things just in the last couple of months.  In some ways, i think, i have more patience than i've ever had.  But then there are things that make me very impatient.  Not with others.  With myself.  I speak my mind 'nowadays' more than i ever have in my entire life.  And i don't give a rat's behind if anyone agrees with me or not.  I know i've written about this a couple of times here already, but i've decided to live a vegetarian/sometimes vegan lifestyle.  I just don't want to eat animals anymore.  Why have i come to that decision?  Well, i'm not sure.  But when i look into an animal's eyes lately.. whether it's one of my kitties, a friend's dog, rabbit, guinea pig.. or a pig, i just see too much.  Too much expression.  Too much, and yeah, this is going to sound weird, but like i said, i no longer care how weird i sound.. humanity.  Yep.  That's what i see.  I see their minds working.  I see feelings.  Add to that the fact that i can no longer compartmentalize my own feelings.. and voila! .. i no longer want ham, bacon.. veal, etc.  I see tofu pot pie in my future.  Lots of veggie casseroles.  And i feel the need to repeat myself here.  I'm no one's food police.  I strongly dislike being preached to.. so the last thing i want to do is subject another human to that stuff!  But we humans ARE animals, and i think some of us forget that.  I sometimes hear people say that animals don't feel, and i think.. what are you TALKING about.  But i try to be a good girl most of the time, and i keep my mouth closed.  But if i ever win the lottery, i am opening a huge farm animal sanctuary.  Acres and acres of glorious land and pasture where cows, goats, lambs, pigs, can live out their lives in peace.  Night before last i saw something horrifying on a facebook page of a friend of a friend.  I'm not sure why i clicked on his name, but when i did.. i saw.. well.. and this likely will not be hideous to you.. but i saw roasted camel.  That's right.. roasted camel.  Over a roaster or whatever.. just like a pig.  And everyone in the photo was smiling.  And yes, i said i wouldn't preach.  To each his/her own.  But i admit to feeling happy that this person is not my friend.  I think it was good for me to see it.  It only cemented something that i know to be true about myself at 51.  It was meant to be that i see it and all that.  And i'll admit that i also (fleetingly) thought, before i put this out of my mind, and buried it.. karma.  There's always karma.  Maybe this person will someday die of a fatal camel bite.  Be trampled by one?  I know, i know.  But remember.. i'll say pretty much anything now; to heck with the consequences!  And speaking of karma.. i'm the one with the bad karma in thinking that others might suffer from camel bites just because they do something i might not agree with/like.  Not nice, not nice at all.  But confession is good for one's soul, right?  And i put it out of my mind right away.  We all have a right to eat what we choose.

                 Well, i've said enough for tonight i guess.  Time for a delicious broccoli salad and something with tofu?  And a glass of wine.  Wine is definitely veg.  Well, fruit.  Made of grapes.  Yummy!  :)  But i suppose this wouldn't be a post by me if i didn't include a little limerick just for fun.  So here goes:

                                                    Lola Piggy

                                           Lola Piggy is large and very pretty
                                           She's big, she's pink, and she's not itty-bitty!
                                           She loves to eat her veggies..
                                           She has no undies, so they don't give her wedgies!
                                           Lola loves to root, and gets down to the nitty-gritty!

                                                  Mary R.

Summer's radiant red rose beauty!  This bush is right outside our front door, and blooms three times during the summer.  :)

Bye for now, and i'll be back.  I know.. super exciting, right?  lol  Have a lovely weekend..


August 14, 2014

It's Simple, Really...

                    It is the preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.  ---  Bertrand Russell

          I could go on about this all night, but i'll not.  :)  I'll just leave it at that, and wish you all freedom and love on this Thursday evening.  The weekend is almost here!

I'll be back soon!  We are on vacation this week so my posts have been super short.  :)  They'll be longer next week.  Muahahahaha!  lol

August 13, 2014

Just This

             'All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.' ---  Ernest Hemingway

        Well, here goes..  Today, and many days, I'm truly worried for us.. our humanity.. We human animals who occupy this planet.

          More on that in another post. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. But for right this minute, on 8/13/14, that is the truest sentence I can think of.