Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

May 24, 2015

No Flying Haiku!

                            No flying for me!
                            I like my terra firma!
                            No desire for wings!

               Yep.  I'm a homebody.  Husband and i had been talking about flying to the east coast this summer, but i have no desire to get on a plane.  The flight itself.  The wait in various airports.  The airport food.  The plane food.  All those hours in the air that drive me batty.  No thank you.  :)  So i asked him.. on a scale of 1-10, how important is it to you that we go?  Anyway, we've decided not to make the trip.  I could not be more relieved.  It will not be hanging over my head all summer long.  I like to take trips.  In a car.  I wouldn't mind a dogsled, or a train.  But not a plane.  No how, no way!

                        So, i'm a very happy woman this Sunday evening!  You all have a wonderful Memorial Day.


This is a rose from early last summer.  I need to work on loading some of this year's photos onto my laptop.  Maybe tomorrow.  We have many blooming right now, and i've been busy snapping photos of them.  Pinks, yellows, reds, on and on.  I'll be back soon, and peace to you all!


May 22, 2015

Columbo Haiku :)

                                  Columbo will know!
                                  No secret is safe from him!
                                  Oh, just one more thing!

Husband and i are watching a couple of episodes of Columbo on Netflix this fine Friday evening.  I have a kitty in my lap, and he has a kitty in his lap.  (My husband, not Columbo.)    All four of us on the couch.  :)  Big excitement at our house tonight!  No wild parties here.  We will totally be in bed by 11.


This was our first dandelion of the springtime.  At least the first one i saw, and i wanted to get a photo.  I personally love them, though i know not everyone feels the same.

                    You all have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!  I'll be back soon...


May 21, 2015

Books All the Way!

                           Not much to say tonight, except this.  As far as i'm concerned, books have it all over TV and movies.  Don't get me wrong, there are some films and shows i love, but books never seem to disappoint me the way some TV series and movies do.  Especially movies that are based on books.  I can't think of a single film i've liked better than the novel on which it was based.  Same with non-fiction.  And tonight, i've run a flea comb through my brain.  lol.  What i've decided i must do, is either start a blog about books, or talk about books here a lot.  Haven't yet made up my mind.  What say you?  Thoughts?  Books and our kitties.  Those are two of my biggest passions.  Well, of course i'm passionate about my husband too.  But for some reason, i haven't talked about either our felines or books here that much.  Not sure why that is.  And it could be why i lost interest in blogging for awhile...  But i'm back.  You're not rid of me!  :)

Anyway, i've set some new time limits on my internet use, and my time's almost up.  Just this before i go...

Taken about 6 weeks ago in our backyard.  Our tulips have gone by.  But i wasn't here much then, so didn't post any pics.  They sure were gorgeous while they lasted!

                        You all have a fabulous Friday!  Peace and i'll be back soon..