A Little Summertime Bright

A Little Summertime Bright

July 21, 2014

Plants... And Eating....


                            So I've decided to (gradually) eat a plant based diet..
                            I've thought long and hard and decided to try it..
                            Partly 'cause I love animals, and some for health reasons..
                            It won't be easy, but will do it all four seasons!
                            I won't discuss it often.. I'll try to be quiet!

                            I love all animals.. not just dogs and cats!
                            I like pork and bacon, but love pigs more, and that is that!
                            For me, no duck..
                            But the corn, I can shuck!
                            Plus maybe fruits and veggies for me and I'll be less fat!

                            These days I'm not quite as overweight..
                            Now I can say, fewer sweets I ate..
                            But I have a distance to go..
                            I'll have much more to show..
                            Very soon I'll be in a much fitter state.. (mind and body.). :)

                                    Mary R.

            Time to get off my bum and go walkies!  You all have a lovely day, and much peace to you!


July 18, 2014

Just A Friday Rhyme

                     So here I am on bloggie for the third night in a row!
                     I thought I'd take the rest of summer off.. don't you know..
                     But I just feel like I want to write!
                     It's late in the evening, but still quite light!
                     It' been a great day for which I've a lot to show!

                     Hubby is watching Mountain Monsters on TV..
                     I think it's quite a silly show, I mean gee!
                     I suppose it's just some mindless fun..
                     It's like a game that no one has won!
                     Someone with a big beard is always climbing a tree!

                     So I sit here online..
                     In a comfy chair on my hine(y)..
                     I'm typing away..
                     With lots I can say!
                     Thinking about tomorrow, and much summer sunshine!

                                Mary R.

                   Goodnight all, and peace!


July 17, 2014

Entry.. Earth Date July 17, 2014

                   Miscellaneous Whatnots from my day..

      First and foremost in my mind most of today was the frightening state of our world. Another Malaysian Airlines plane down, but this time shot down by a ground to air missile!  What the blank?!  As of this moment, 6:34 pm Pacific Time, investigation is being done to learn who is responsible. Angry, sad sigh. It appears the world is crazier than it was last week?  Will the sadness, horror and chaos ever end?  Then there's the Israeli ground offensive into Gaza. I'm not surprised at that, but profoundly saddened....

                     Compared to what's going on in our Universe, my neighborhood is peaceful and loving our summertime!  I'm grateful. The scorching summer heat is still with us, and we are sweating a lot. Lol. (Not a complaint.). We Oregonians know what's coming at the end of October. Rain.  Lots and lots of rain and grey skies. That's okay, and to be expected. But we're drinking in the glorious sunshine while it's here!  Hubby's and my kitties aren't minding the heat, thanks to lovely central air conditioning. They're indoors-at-all-times felines!  They stay cool, but there are still warm patches of sunshine everywhere in the House!

                       I've started a new book called The Heist, by Daniel Silva!  Lots of intrigue, spies, adventure. Perfect warm season read. And Gabriel Allon, the main character is a former Israeli Mossad assassin.. turned art restorer. Perfect!  :)

                                Speaking of the book.. It's time to sit out back, read and spend time with Hubby. This is my favorite time of day in the summer. 7-9 in the evening. Nice breeze, still plenty of sunshine and long light. Wonderful!  But I must add one thing, and this is very important. I completed my entire to do list again today. No laziness here!  AND.. I trimmed my toenails AND shaved my armpits on the same day. Go me!  Not at the same time though, I'm not that acrobatic!

                          Have a beautiful Friday, and I'll return soon. Peace!


July 16, 2014

Earth Date July 16, 2014

                 Today I completed my to do list to the letter..
                  I'd been a slacker, but this day, I did better!
                  Finished lots of housework..
                  My 'duties' I didn't shirk!
                  My time, away, I did not fetter!

                  Plus I went to the library and read some books!
                  I paid a small fine, so I'm not on the hook..
                  The library's air-conditioned, so it's nice and cool!
                   But it might be great if it had an indoor pool!
                   But that's okay.. there are plenty of reading nooks!

                   Our weather has been so super hot!
                   I love to sweat when I get our mail.. oh wait, definitely NOT!
                   The temp today was a scorching ninety five..
                   Into the cold sea, I've wanted to dive!
                   Perhaps this weekend, I'll get my shot!

                   So off I go now to get a good night's sleep!
                   Unless I have a hot flash, then I might just weep!
                   But first I'll watch Nova..
                   I'll sleep when it's ovah.. (My Maine accent at work.)
                   I'm a little tired so I'll not have to count sheep!

                             Mary R.

             Goodnight for now, and peace to all...

July 4, 2014

Stuff To Do!

                   Well, as you can see, I haven't been here much!  Is it the season?  Because it's glorious summertime?  Perhaps. I have books to read!  Places to go!  Friends to see!  Road trips to take!  Every time I sit down, and think I want to write, I think.. no.. get UP!  The season will go by in a flash, and rain and grey skies will return to Oregon!  I obviously can't (and of course, wouldn't want,) to control the weather, but I CAN choose, at least to a certain extent, how to spend my time.  The sky is such an intense blue. The grass hasn't yet yellowed, or browned, lol, from the summer heat. There are ice cream cones to eat before they melt!  Sweet, juicy Rainier cherries to savor!  Chaise lounges to laze in.  (Yup, just ended a sentence with a preposition.) :) You know, the list goes on.. and on!  So I'm thinking, except for an occasional visit to my dashboard, I'll return at the start of September. For good, maybe?  Recently, I've not been having as frequent hot flashes as I was even a couple of months ago!  I may be reaching the 'other side'!  Lol again. Who knows?  My memory and attention span are more what they once were before the menopause began. That's an exciting development all by itself. Trust me. I remember getting this excited about Christmas when I was six.  I 'should' have lots of stuff to write about come Autumn.  Take great care of yourselves, and I wish you all a joyous rest of the summertime!  Just this before i go...

                                    Summer is for love, peace and fun!
                                    And maybe for a croquet match to be won?  :)
                                    Burgers on the grill and lemonade..
                                    For a book to be read in lovely shade..
                                    Have a wonderful time, all.. I gotta run!

                 Peace, and I'll be back!


June 30, 2014

Tiffany Part Two

                                Tiffany Kitty loves to play chess!
                                 It's one way she and Kevin Kitty relieve their stress!
                                 It takes lots of smarts, and lots of thought..
                                 Kevin to play was by his Mummy taught!
                                 Both kitties are fastidious and never leave a mess!

                                          Mary R.

June 28, 2014


      So it seems that lately, every time I think about writing a blog post, I lose my 'nerve'.  That makes no sense, of course. I realize that. Lol. I just have this overall meh feeling about being here. I love to visit you all, though I've not been commenting nearly as much as usual.  Summer is passing quickly, and Hubby and are are having an excellent one so far.  Busy.. very busy, but we love it!  I want to go back to doing blog 2 or 3 times a week, maybe!  I just want to get that feeling back!  I'm not at all sure where it went. I picture microscopic particles of  'blog desire'  swirling around my head as I walk around the house cleaning or when I'm out doing errands. Bloggie protons.. neutrons, etc. lol again. Or perhaps tiny dust bunnies are floating around in my mind??  Anyway, tonight I just want to pop by with a little limerick!  Here goes:

                                   Tiffany Kitty

                         Tiffany Kitty is a sweet Maine Coon Cat!
                          Her demeanor is delightful, and that is that!
                          With her sparkling emerald eyes..
                          She's proud and she's wise!
                          Tiffany loves to purr, play chess and chat!

                                  Mary R.

It for tonight!  Have a lovely rest of your weekend!  Peace to all..