Neighborhood Love!

Neighborhood Love!

April 9, 2014

...... :)

                        Spring is intense-soft..
                        We welcome with open hearts!
                        Green, pink, yellow love!

                       Soft, sweet blossom love!  :)  And of course there is also the vivid, sparkling blue sky!  What's not to adore??  Love and peace to you, and Happy soon to be Friday...


April 7, 2014

About the TV...

                      I wish i could make our TV disappear!
                      But Hubby wants it to stay, i fear!
                      What's on the tube is increasingly crappy..
                      Ridiculous, daft, and sometimes too sappy!
                      The time to make it go away might be near!

So, i would love to forgo TV in our home, but my husband is attached to it, especially for the television sports!  The shows are so dumbed down these days.  Not that they were ever super intelligent, lol...  But really.. it just seems to be about so many scripted 'reality' shows.  What a multitude of better ways to spend our time!  What do you all think?  How can i persuade my husband to get rid of our TV.. or at least to put it away somewhere?  :)  Any ideas?  I could attempt to persuade him by using rhyme.. but that might not do the trick..  lol again.

I'm getting very sleepy.  It was a long, but excellent Monday.  Sooooo...  off i go for this evening.  :)

I love tulips, especially the romantic and passionate red!  Have a lovely Tuesday, all!  Peace to you, and i'll be back...


April 6, 2014

Something To Think About...

        'The only means of strengthening one's intellect is to make up one's mind about nothing -- to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts.'  ---  John Keats


Yep.  I love to think, and often i have a very hard time making up my mind.  I love to contemplate all possibilities.  Is thinking a hobby?  Well, lol, i think it is for me!

I'll return with a longer post tomorrow.  I had many blog ideas for tonight, but i couldn't organize them all in my mind.  It was a good weekend, but i'm a little worn out.  Happy, but sleepy!

'Tis tulip season!  Sending peace, and goodnight for now.  I shall return...


April 2, 2014

Still Thinking...


Found this quote today, and decided i like it a lot...

'I prefer to have some beliefs that don't make logical sense.' ---  Louise Erdrich

Yep.  I totally agree.

Still relaxing, doing a lot of reading, and working on getting my blogging mojo back!  Did i ever have it in the first place?  That's the question.  lol.  Working my way through hot flashes, a little nausea now and then, more hot flashes.. some worse than others, and an occasional night sweat around 2 am.  Always 2 am.  Like clockwork.  Thank goodness not every night!  Took some time today to set out a few ant traps.  They return every spring like clockwork too.  (The ants and the traps.)  :)  Luckily not very many.  Just a few.. considering they're ants.  lol.  Though i'm convinced they could take over the world if they so chose.  Just like the big-butt ones in the movie THEM!

I think it's past my bedtime.  I feel i'm going to get an excellent, night sweat free, night's sleep!  I'll see if my prediction is accurate.  I'm certainly tired enough.

A few more lovely springtime apple blossoms.  A little gift for you.  Sunshine and softness.  I'll be back soon, and peace to you all!


March 31, 2014


                Just this on my mind this Monday evening.  As i've aged.. saying 'no' has become so very easy for me.  In the 'olden days', lol, i felt the need to please people.  To be nice.  It's not that i'm not a nice person at 50, it's just that i don't agree to almost everything i'm asked to do anymore.  I'm polite about it.  I use the manners my parents taught me, but it's astoundingly easy to say no!  I'm not sure when it became so simple.  Neither can i comprehend why it was once so difficult for me to say that one two letter word.. no.  Weird.  I used to feel that i had to have some serious written-in-stone plans before i could say no to doing some kind of chore for someone.  Like.. 'could you watch our dog this weekend?'  Sure.  I can do that.  I have no definite plans.  Mind you, i love dogs.  A lot.  But they're more complicated than cats.  They need playtime, walks, to be let out to do their business.  Overall, i enjoy watching them.  But in the past, i've had neighbors who took advantage of my love for dogs.  No more.  (I still adore dogs, but i'm not willing to change plans for their humans.)  And i think, sometimes Husband and i want to be spontaneous.  Well, we can't be spontaneous if i agree to watch someone's pet for a weekend.  Of course, if a good friends asks.. that's different.  I've been known to change plans for them.  :)  Not inflexible, just more careful about what i agree to do.  And that has come with age, i think.  I put up with many difficult (and that's putting it nicely,) bosses in my twenties and into my thirties.  I wonder what i would say to them now in response to some of their s*it.  People on high horses and power trips tick me off.  It's amazing how the title 'Supervisor' or 'Manager'... blah blah blah, can go to a human's head.  So to all those 25 year old women out there who put up with a lot of guff from their bosses.. i say.. just wait a few years.  You'll be able to see through a lot of that egotism.  And it will make you smile in its ridiculousness...

Well, all for now.  Back to my evening reading and some time with Hubby.  I'm reading 'Gemini', by Carol Cassella.  It's excellent.  Have a wonderful Tuesday.. and remember.. don't feel you have to agree to anything you really don't want to do.  Unless of course, it's part of your job!  :)  Put yourself and your families first!  Night for now...


March 26, 2014

Just a Little Post

                                 I love to touch rocks..
                                 The texture and history..
                                 They tell of our past.

Clouds and sky tell oodles of wonderful tales.  All true.  :)

It for tonight.  Just a shortie.  Tomorrow i plan to write some of my thoughts about the tendency in our society to over share.  I promise not to over share myself.

              Goodnight, and i'll be back!


March 25, 2014


                           Every page of a book i read..
                               Every bite of a sea salted caramel dark chocolate truffle!
                            Every bite of a yummy cheeseburger.. (mustard, tomato and pickles only.)  :)
                    Every petal on a soft, lovely apple blossom or plum blossom.
                         Every bee i see alight on a daffodil or plum blossom..
           Every minute of time spent with husband and kitties!
                          Every lick of a strawberry ice cream cone..
                    And every minute of a Hitchcock film i love.  (Vertigo is a favorite.)

                               Every word of wonderful poetry i enjoy.  (Mary Oliver especially.)

                                             Every step i take on a lovely long springtime walk.
               Every step i take as i browse library shelves.  :)

                            Every cloud i see and admire in our gorgeous sky!

                   I could go on and on and on.....

                          It's all about the present moment.  Last night i posted a little about time.  How we can't slow it down.  And that's fine.  Our Universe works the way it works.  I will savor the present.  Drink in everything i can and add it to my experience.  As it should be!

Every petal.. soft, precious, and meant to be loved.  :)

                                    Goodnight, and peace to all!