Delicate Beauty

Delicate Beauty

January 24, 2015

The Pine

                                  Scent of fallen pine..
                                  For animals a new home!
                                  Raise family there.

Have a lovely remainder of this weekend, all.  And i wish you peace.  I'm going low tech for a few days, but i'll be back.  Too much online 'noise' for me lately.  Of course, it's my own fault.  Have to make myself turn off.  Maybe i need a forest walk in the rain?  No devices allowed.  Just the rain, the smells, the trees...

A Springtime scene.  Green grass, mossy fence, and tulips.  I. must. not. rush. time!  I'll be back.. maybe Wednesday or the day before or the day after, or maybe next weekend.  Sometime.  (I don't like to pin myself down.)  :)



January 19, 2015


                                       Strong roots of oak tree..
                                       Human roots in a loved home..
                                       Time makes for deep strength.

                                          Mary R.

Our Snickers.  I know cats can be wanderers, but i like to think Snickers has roots here in our home with husband and me.  We treasure her, and she owns us for sure!

               Sending peace on this Monday evening..  Have a beautiful day tomorrow..


January 16, 2015

A Few Good Four Letter Words

                     Just a few of my favorite four letter words..

                           My favorite of all.. is Love.
                                Remember to share it and cherish it every single minute of every day.

                            Time..  Remember, always, to spend it wisely and never forget that it absolutely flies.                                         Value it as much as we can!

                             True.. Only speak things that are true.. to ourselves and to others.

                               Rain..  Because it's beautiful and enhances our lives in so many ways.  We need it too,
                                          and shouldn't waste it!

                                  Book.. Books teach us.  Entertain us.  They open whole worlds to us.

              Those are just few great of the great ones of many.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Rose.. another wonderful four letter word.  Peace to all of you, and i'll be back!