I love the Succulents!

I love the Succulents!

March 31, 2015

No Magic

                    Blog holds no magic..
                    At one time was enthralled here..
                    Now it's like laundry.

                    Boring and old hat..
                    What do you, my friends, suggest?
                    Still love to visit yours!

                As hard as i try, it seems like a chore to post.  I'm not sure what happened?  Have any of you ever felt this?  I love to visit your blogs and comment.  Is it, (or will blogger let me) keep my google 'identity' so i can visit the sites of others??

      I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!  Peace to you..


March 27, 2015

2 Limericks!

                                 Book Blog..

                         I want to start a blog about reading!
                         And once in awhile about gardening and weeding!
                         I need a fresh start..
                         With a new bloggie that's smart..
                         My time online I shall be carefully heeding!

                                  Absent Mindedness..

                         Often lately, I misplace my keys!
                         My brain cells seem to float away on a breeze!
                         I sometimes read too many books at once..
                         I confuse the plots, then I feel like a dunce!
                         I want this time to pass, I mean really, GEEZ!

               You all have a lovely weekend!  I'll be back soon!


March 24, 2015

Spring Green

                             What shade is Spring Green?
                             Not fir green, but more special!
                             Fleeting and joyous!
                                    Mary R.

The baby leaves have arrived!  Happy Springtime, and you all have a lovely Wednesday!  I wish you peace, and i'll be back soon!