Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

November 29, 2015

Red Rose

                                      Rose both soft and strong..
                                      So full is red of passion..
                                      Each petal sweet gift!

This is a photo i took this past summer in July,  and this lovely rose bush is right outside our front door!  Just gorgeous!

               You all have an absolutely wonderful Monday, and i'll be back soon!


November 28, 2015


                                Grateful for the love..
                                And our time with cherished ones..
                                Appreciate life.

November 27, 2015


                 That feeling when you're so full that you can barely move.  You feel the size of a house or a tank.  Like to even go check your mail, you need to put yourself in a wheelbarrow and have someone wheel you out there!  When you've sat so much that you think you should never, ever sit again.  That you're frozen in the sitting position.  Because you've read articles in reputable newspapers and magazines that talk about the health dangers of sitting too much..  And if you sit even for another half hour, it's all over for you.  And tomorrow you'll surely walk for miles to make up for all the sitting and eating you've done for two days!  And if you even look at another slice of turkey or another serving of stuffing, you might barf to Kingdom Come.  It was good going down.. but how could you have possibly eaten SO MUCH FOOD!?  And your brain isn't functioning properly, so you've been watching truly mindless things on Netflix when you haven't been watching football.  And you don't even like football at all, but your better half loves it, so you watch anyway, because, really, you don't understand it, and that's okay, because you're so full you don't want to think and you don't give a rat's hiney that you don't understand the game.  And no, you really don't want any more pie, even though it's your favorite kind.  Every kind is your favorite kind, but gross.  And no.  No more whipped cream.  And no more a la mode!  Not even a teaspoon full of creamy delicious topping of any kind.. because you might blow a gasket.  Whatever that means.  And you've finally managed to walk the several feet down the street to get your mail, and you've come back and plopped into your favorite chair for more mind numbing TV and maybe just a sliver of that leftover pumpkin pie, but no whipped cream thank you very much, because you don't want to weigh a ton, and you don't need the extra calories.  'Cause Lord knows you've eaten enough calories to last at least a week.  At least.  But what's that scent wafting toward you from the kitchen?  It's your better half making himself a hot turkey and stuffing and gravy sandwich 'cause he's hungry and there's another game on soon...   Sigh.........

But make no mistake.. I'm grateful for it all. My family. My friends, the enormous amount of food at our table. Thankful for all of it. I have a wonderful life and am grateful every single day!